Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player creates incredible Godzilla Minus One tribute

James Busby
Link shocked and Godzilla roaring

Ahead of the international release of Godzilla Minus One, a talented Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has faithfully recreated the terrifying kaiju in all its toothy glory. 

It’s been a big year for Godzilla fans. Not only has Apple TV launched Monarch: Legacy of Monsters TV series, Toho will soon be releasing the eagerly-anticipated Godzilla Minus One to international audiences. In fact, our own review has heralded the movie as a must-watch for Godzilla fans. 

Well, one talented Tears of the Kingdom player has faithfully recreated Godzilla to celebrate the release of the 33rd entry in Toho Studios’ iconic monster movies. If you’re waiting to watch Godzilla Minus One or just want to see how Zilla looks in Hyrule, then you’ll want to check out this amazing Ultrahand creation.

Tears of the Kingdom player brings Godzilla to Hyrule

Since Tears of the Kingdom’s release, we’ve seen hundreds of amazing inventions. These range from OP anti-dragon devices that make short work of Gleeoks, to mechs that can walk on water. We’ve even had recreations of iconic Zelda-themed enemies like the Guardians from BoTW

However, one talented player has gone viral for their stunning Godzilla creation. Not only have they faithfully built Zilla, but they have painstakingly edited a video that shows just how devastating the monolithic monster would be if it were unleashed into the land of Hyrule. 

During the clip, Godzilla can be seen approaching Lurelin Village from the ocean as the monster’s theme plays in the background. Tanks then appear and blast Godzilla with powerful energy beams, which Godzilla promptly destroys with its powerful atomic breath.

After leaving the village in ruins, Godzilla then returns back to the ocean – from where it will inevitably emerge once again. As commenters have pointed out, the cinematography of this clip is stunning, with the sound, camera angles, and effects making it the closest representation of Zilla we’ve had in the Zelda universe. 

While Ganondorf may have returned in Tears of the Kingdom, it’s clear that Godzilla’s future awakening is something Link should really be concerned about. 

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