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Tears of the Kingdom KorokNintendo

Looking for more Korok Seeds to help increase your inventory in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Here’s a fantastic place to start.

Korok Seeds are hidden collectibles in Tears of the Kingdom that will provide Link with that all-important inventory upgrade you’ll always find yourself needing. However, actually finding these Korok Seeds can be pretty difficult, even if there are so many dotted around the world of Hyrule.

So, with that in mind, here’s a little help finding some Korok Seeds in Tears of the Kingdom, as well as how many you can expect to find in total around the game’s large open world.

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How many Korok Seeds are there in Tears of the Kingdom

There are 900 Korok Seeds in total to look out for in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and each one usually involves their own puzzles.

You’ll need to locate a Korok, solve their puzzle, and then you’ll be able to get a Korok Seed from them.

Korok Seed locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Since there are so many Korok Seeds to find, we are yet to discover them all and will therefore only be giving you a taste of where you can find these items to upgrade your gear.

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Korok Seeds in the Great Sky Island

Great Sky Island Korok Seeds locationNintendo
Korok Seeds can be found all over the Great Sky Island.
Korok SeedLocation
Korok Seed 1North of the Great Sky Island, just below the Temple of Time and under the bridge.
Korok Seed 2West of the Temple of Time, between two pillars.
Korok Seed 3Northwest of the Great Sky Island, on an island and under a rock.
Korok Seed 4West of the Great Sky Island, near a Zipline.
Korok Seed 5Southwest of the Great Sky Island, up the cliff on the left of the Shrine, in the tree.
Korok Seed 6Inside the Room of Awakening under the large tree roots.
Korok Seed 7North of the Room of Awakening in the middle of the broken tree.
Korok Seed 8Near the Pondside Cave inside a large broken tree.

Korok Seeds in Akkala

Akkala Korok Seeds locationNintendo
You’ll find tons of Korok Seeds dotted around Akkala.
Korok SeedLocation
Korok Seed 1Located on the bridge. Grab the yellow flower then head west and grab another.
Korok Seed 2Found right in the center of the Rist Peninsula.
Korok Seed 3Southeast of the Rist Peninsula. Follow the ground to the bulky part of the map.
Korok Seed 4North of the Akkala Tower just down the cliff by a metallic door.
Korok Seed 5To the east of Skull Lake near a rock slab on the ground.
Korok Seed 6North of Skull Lake on a higher ledge near a circle of rocks.
Korok Seed 7Southwest of Skull Lake on a stump.
Korok Seed 8Near the west of the Spring of Power under a rock on a high ledge.

Korok Seeds in Central Hyrule

Central Hyrule Korok Seeds locationNintendo
Whether you go north, south, east, or west of Central Hryule there’s a Korok seed to be found.
Korok SeedLocation
Korok Seed 1Located underneath the bridge to Hyrule Castle.
Korok Seed 2Just outside Hyrule Castle by a pile of leaves.
Korok Seed 3Head to Boneyard Bridge in the northeast and look for a circle of rocks.
Korok Seed 4Found northwest of Central Hyrule just off Carok Bridge.
Korok Seed 5Just beneath the Orsedd Bridge by a hanging acorn.
Korok Seed 6Underneath Rebonae Bridge by the west of the river.
Korok Seed 7North of the Ancient Tree Stump by the lilypads.
Korok Seed 8South of Lake Kolomo by the ruins.

Korok Seeds in Eldin

Eldin Korok Seeds location Tears of the KingdomNintendo
Korok SeedLocation
Korok Seed 1Located in the middle of Cephla Lake by a circle of rocks.
Korok Seed 2On Broca Island north of Cephla Lake near a block puzzle.
Korok Seed 3Inside the Gero Pond near a circle of rocks.
Korok Seed 4Northwest of the Foothill Stable near an overhang.
Korok Seed 5West of Lake Ferona on top of a small island.
Korok Seed 6East of Death Mountain near a ruin.
Korok Seed 7On the top of Gut Check Rock near five pillars.
Korok Seed 8Just above Pico Pond on the slope of the mountain.

Korok Seeds in Faron

Faron Korok seeds locationNintendo
You’ll find Korok Seeds all over Faron.
Korok SeedLocation
Korok Seed 1Found in Riola Spring in the structure under the water.
Korok Seed 2North of Calora Lake and east of Riola Spring in the center of the plateau.
Korok Seed 3On the island in the middle of the lake just east of Courage Steppe.
Korok Seed 4On the north side of the bridge across Lake Floria.
Korok Seed 5South of Corta Lake near the waterfall.
Korok Seed 6On top of Tuft Mountain, east of Yambi Lake.
Korok Seed 7East of Cape Cales by the Muwo Jeem Shrine.
Korok Seed 8Right on the end of Soka Point along the coastline.

Korok Seeds in Gerudo

Gerudo Korok Seeds locationNintendo
Look out for all the Korok Seeds located in Gerudo.
Korok SeedLocation
Korok Seed 1West of Gerudo Tower on the south edge of the higher plateau.
Korok Seed 2West of Korok Seed 1 near the entrance to the Karusa Valley.
Korok Seed 3North of Korok Seed 2 on a higher plateau near a circle of rocks.
Korok Seed 4West of Sapphia’s Table near a large snowball.
Korok Seed 5North of Mystathi’s Shelf on a lower ledge.
Korok Seed 6Northwest of Gerudo Summit by a tree stump.
Korok Seed 7East of Gerudo Summit and west of the Cliffs of Ruvara. Look for ladders.
Korok Seed 8In the middle of Rutimala Hill, there’s a circle of rocks.

Korok Seeds in Hebra

Hebra Korok Seeds locationNintendo
These Korok seeds are quite spread out so be ready for travel.
Korok SeedLocation
Korok Seed 1South of the North Lomei Labyrinth near a lone tree.
Korok Seed 2Northeast of the Snowfield and east of the Sha Gehma Shrine.
Korok Seed 3North of the North Tabantha Snowfield and west of the Sha Gehma Shrine.
Korok Seed 4Northeast of the Hebra Tower and west of the Forgotten Temple on top of the cliff.
Korok Seed 5Northeast of South Tabantha, northwest of the Orochium Shrine.
Korok Seed 6East of Hebra Plunge by a tall tree.
Korok Seed 7On the bridge going across Hebra Falls.
Korok Seed 8At the edge of the north end of Hebra Falls, look for the baloon.

Korok Seeds in Lanayru

Lanayru Korok Seeds locationNintendo
Look through Zora’s Domain for tons of Korok Seeds.
Korok SeedLocation
Korok Seed 1Found on the Lilypads on Davdi Island
Korok Seed 2On the east of Davdi Island. Look for an island with a bolder on top.
Korok Seed 3Look on the west of Tingel Island for a yellow flower.
Korok Seed 4Located on the south island on Ruto Lake.
Korok Seed 5Northwest of the East Reservoir Lake on top of a hill.
Korok Seed 6Found within the tail of the fish statue on Zora’s Domain.
Korok Seed 7East of Zora’s Domain near the gate leading to the East Reservoir Lake.
Korok Seed 8In the southeast corner of Lanayru on Wintre Island.

Korok Seeds in Necluda

Necluda Korok SeedsNintendo
Necluda is filled with Korok Seeds for you to find.
Korok SeedLocation
Korok Seed 1Found on the Pierre Plateau, southeast of the Great Fairy Fountain. Head up the cliff.
Korok Seed 2Located beneath a rock on the tallest pillar to the west of the Pillars of Levia.
Korok Seed 3East of Kakariko Bridge inside Lake Siela. Look for the tallest tree.
Korok Seed 4In a circle of rocks west of the Kakariko Bridge.
Korok Seed 5At the top of the northern peak in the Dueling Peaks.
Korok Seed 6On the east side of Squabble River by the Dueling Peaks. Follow the flowers.
Korok Seed 7Southwest of the Dueling Peaks tower and south of Squabble river over the road.
Korok Seed 8On a small island in the centre of South Nabi Lake.

Those are just some of the Korok Seeds available in Tears of the Kingdom. We’ll keep this guide updated as we discover more, so make sure you check back soon!

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