Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player finds genius way to pet dogs

Cassidy Stephenson
Dog in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

A Tears of the Kingdom player has discovered how to pet dogs even if the game lacks the feature.

Tears of the Kingdom’s midnight release had fans camping outside the Nintendo NYC store for days. In just three days, the Breath of the Wild sequel has sold over 10 million copies. Its monumental achievement has resulted in the title becoming the fastest-selling entry in the history of the Zelda series.

Despite ToTK’s overall success, players have been disappointed by one missing ability – petting dogs.

While Zelda fans can’t officially pet dogs in Tears of the Kingdom, one player used his creativity to design a method to give out scratches to the game’s well-derserving pups. Here’s how the genius player did it.

Tears of the Kingdom player’s structure can pets dogs

Tears of the Kingdom speedruns

A Twitter user posted a clip of Link using a structure to pat the top of a dog’s head. The short scene resulted in a wholesome experience for all. Consequently, fellow ToTk players asked for the instructions on how to make the device. At the time of writing, the OP hasn’t given any directions.

In Tears of the Kingdom, gamers can use different abilities for various purposes. There are four key abilities in the BoTW sequel: Ultrahand, Fuse, Ascend, and Recall.

For example, the Fuse feature allows players to design creative weapons out of resources like tree branches and boulders. They can then battle with the crafty item against enemies found across Hyrule.

While players have enjoyed the creative freedom in ToTK, there have been a few complaints about the Zelda game. God of War creator David Jaffe has blasted the title for its ‘bland’ and ‘old-looking’ graphics.

Despite his criticism, Tears of the Kingdom did launch on a seven-year-old console with outdated hardware. It’s unclear how a follow-up Zelda game would run on a next-generation Nintendo Switch – but fans can’t wait to live through Link’s next adventure.