Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player makes absurd mech that can walk on water

Samantha Giambra
Zelda- Tears of the Kingdom creations body 1

Fans of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom keep getting more and more crafty, as one player has built a mech that can walk on water.

There are some amazing creations coming from the latest addition to the Zelda franchise, and this latest machine is no exception.

In a recent Reddit thread, fellow players of the game get a glimpse at the work of art stomping around on top of the water in-game, glowing green in all of its mechanical glory.

Impressive Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom construction

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom included a new and thrilling mechanic that allows players to glue items to one another to create machinery, structures, and even vehicles to get around the map with ease.

Some players have taken this new mechanic and gotten creative, building things that aren’t exactly necessary, but nonetheless cool to look at.

This latest creation takes creation to new heights, as the player somehow configured not only a glowing and intricate-looking mech that can move around, it can walk on water.

Even after the post was curated, the designer of this robotic monstrosity wanted to take it a step further and commented “It occurred to me after posting that if I replaced the bottom part of the leg from springs to steel boxes, I might be able to conduct the current widely underwater.”

The carts that are fused together within the mid-section of the robot conduct electricity, which is normally just used to fend off creatures and enemies throughout the world.

Since electricity can damage enemies, the original poster adding the steel boxes could mean that the mech would be able to take out aquatic life forms as they traverse the waters.

Not only do other players want to know how to recreate this for themselves, but they are also just overly excited about the creation, one fan commented “okay this is the single coolest thing i’ve seen on this subreddit and that’s a lot of cool stuff.”

For those wanting to build one of these for their very own, they would need to visit the shrines mentioned in the comments by the original poster to get all of the components needed.

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