Tears of the Kingdom fans share features they hope don’t return from BotW

Link in Tears of the KingdomNintendo

Zelda fans are taking to social media to discuss which Breath of the Wild features they hope to not see in Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild introduced fans of The Legend of Zelda to a variety of new gameplay features and mechanics, from its unique trials to its vast open world. Despite many of these beloved elements, there are still others that fans were less welcoming to.

When it comes to Tears of the Kingdom, players are much more likely to be particular about what the game features and what it does not as almost a decade has passed since Breath of the Wild first hit the market.

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Now that the sequel is nearing its May 12 release date, fans are openly discussing what things they grew sick of when playing Breath of the Wild. Amongst the plentiful bounty of beloved features it brought, there are plenty of unloved ones, too.

Zelda fans share features they hope don’t return in Tears of the Kingdom

What better space to discuss possible gameplay features for upcoming games than Reddit? Fans gathered to share their opinions on a thread dedicated to singling out some of the least-loved Breath of the Wild mechanics.

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Fans seem to agree almost unanimously about one thing, and that thing is the final boss’ difficulty in Breath of the Wild. Most commenters stated that it was simply too easy, with one writing that “Ganon was insanely easy after doing the Divine Beasts.”

Others agreed, with some even saying that lesser enemies preceding the Beasts and Ganon were harder. One fan wrote that “Silver Lynel was the hardest fight in the game that I tried” with another chiming in that the monk’s battle was the best in the game.

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Another top comment on the thread centered around the transportation of blue flames during the Locked Mementos quest. They wrote that they were given the quest only for it to rain “for 3 straight days” meaning that they could not complete it.

One of the seemingly smaller interactions fans cited on the thread was one they did not see in Breath of the Wild but instead hoped to in Tears of the Kingdom. This was, of course, the ability to actually pet dogs as Link. One player simply stated “unplayable dogs.”

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Fans will finally see which features make it to Tears of the Kingdom from Breath of the Wild soon when the game releases on May 12, but until then we can all continue to speculate and hope. More doggos, less flame transportation, please!