Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player builds walking Guardian from BOTW

Philip Trahan
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One Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has built a walking Guardian Stalker from Breath of the Wild using Zonai devices.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been out for nearly a month now, and players have spent time exploring everything Hyrule has to offer after the years following Breath of the Wild.

One aspect of Tears of the Kingdom that has captured the hearts of players is the new building mechanics, which let fans build wild creations like flying machines and even armored mechs.

Now, one Tears of the Kingdom player has managed to build a functioning, walking Guardian Stalker from Breath of the Wild, using a myriad of different Zonai devices.

Tears of the Kingdom fan builds Guardian from BOTW

The build comes from the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit, one user wiisportspro showed off their expert build to the rest of the community in a short clip.

The video showed Link standing in front of a hulking Zonai device. Upon hitting it with the Master Sword, the mechanical creature came to life and began walking forward similar to the enemy Guardians found stalking the lands of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild.

The OP explained that they were inspired by another Reddit user who built a different Guardian prototype. However, they aimed to make a device that could actually walk forward like the hulking ancient machines from the prequel.

This build used a variety of different Zonai devices. The legs used Cooking Pots to act as ball socket joints with wooden wheels between them “to allow full rotation.” Four Stabilizer devices acted as the Guardian’s feet.

Finally, each leg was attached to a Big Wheel device that allowed it to walk forward. Sadly, the OP wasn’t able to recreate the Guardian’s devastating eye beams, as they “got to the build limit” before they could attach a Beam Emitter device.

Builds like these showcase how flexible Tears of the Kingdom’s sandbox world is. As more and more players wrap their heads around the game’s build system, fans will no doubt see many more impressive creations in the future.

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