Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player crafts ridiculously OP anti-dragon device

James Busby
Gleeok breathing fire

One Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has used Ultrahand to create an extremely deadly weapon that can obliterate Gleeoks in a matter of seconds. 

Gleeoks are some of the hardest enemies to take down in Tears of the Kingdom. In fact, these elemental dragons can make short work of Link even when he’s equipped with his trusty Master Sword and Hylian Shield

However, one savvy Tears of the Kingdom player has created a device that can obliterate these toothy terrors incredibly easily. If you’re struggling to take down the game’s Gleeoks and want to replicate this deadly device, then you’ll want to check out this devastating Ultrahand creation. 

Tears of the Kingdom player obliterates Gleeok in seconds

Taking down Gleeoks can be extremely difficult, especially since these colossal dragons can bombard players with deadly elemental beams. These dragons also stay airborne most of the time, which can make hitting them with conventional weapons rather tricky. 

However, one creative player has unleashed their inner inventor and made one of the most powerful custom weapons to ever grace Hyrule. Known as the orbital strike satellite laser cannon, this device is capable of melting through any Gleeoks health bar in a matter of seconds.


While this build may look rather complex, it’s actually made from a Hover Stone, Beam Emitters, Zonai Construct Heads, a Rocket, and one Sled. Once activated, the device will fly into the sky and stop just above the dragon, then the Beam Emitters will lock onto the Gleeok and begin relentlessly bombarding it with deadly lazers. 

The player simply hides behind his shield and watches as the devastating device shreds through the Gleeok’s health bar. This is obviously a fairly costly build to make, but it’s incredibly effective at eliminating the game’s dragons. 

So, if you’re struggling to kill Tears of the Kingdom’s Gleeoks, then you may want to build your very own orbital strike satellite laser cannon!

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