TFT patch 11.23 notes: Double-Up release, Mercenary & Samira nerfs, b-patch targets Katarina

Andrew Amos
Samira in TFT Set 6Riot Games

TFT patch 11.23 is here ⁠— the first major balance update of TFT Set 6 is expected to be a smaller one than previous sets, with the release of the Double-Up Labs mode, nerfs to Mercenary, Samira, and more. We’ve got the November 17 patch notes right here.

Players have settled in with TFT Set 6 and the consensus is clear ⁠— it’s one of the best, if not the best, set release in Teamfight Tactics history. From the Hextech Augments system, to the balancing of all the new champions and traits, players haven’t been too vocal in their complaints.

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However, Riot are always tinkering with the system, and in TFT patch 11.23, change has come; the biggest being the newest TFT Labs mode, Double-Up, coming with co-op play.

There’s some balance changes too — Mercenary, Innovator, and Bodyguards are the main focuses — although Riot have previously stated they are happy with how TFT Set 6 landed so far.

Here’s what we know about TFT patch 11.23, now live as of November 17.

Arcane Jayce crossover League of Legends skin.Riot Games
Innovator is facing some nerfs after dominating the TFT patch 11.23 meta

What’s in TFT patch 11.23?

B-patch nerfs Sion and Katarina hard

Although they managed to avoid the main update, Riot has gone back and nerfed two more popular carries in Sion and Katarina in TFT b-patch 11.23.

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The former has been shifted into more of a tank role — fulfilling his Colossus identity — with damage being taken off his Decimating Smash ability, but power shifted into his overall tankiness and CC.

Katarina, on the other hand, has been decimated. A popular re-roll carry, Riot has removed the 40 mana refund at three-star on her ability, forcing players to rock Blue Buff instead of three damage items if they want to force her.

Katarina in TFT Set 6Riot Games
The Katarina nerfs in TFT b-patch 11.23 have gutted the carry.

TFT b-patch 11.23 notes



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  • Shunpo Damage: 190/240/320 ⇒ 180/225/300
  • Shunpo Mana Refund on kill: 20/20/40 ⇒ 20/20/20


  • Health: 1500 ⇒ 1750
  • Attack Damage: 130 ⇒ 100
  • Armor & Magic Resist: 50 ⇒ 60
  • Decimating Smash Damage: 300/360/750 ⇒ 150/200/500
  • Decimating Smash Knock Up Duration: 1/1.5/4 ⇒ 2/2.5/5



  • Damage Reduction: 30% ⇒ 25%


  • Voracious Appetite Attack Damage & Ability Power Per Stack: 25/40 ⇒ 20/30
  • Metamorphosis Attack Damage & Ability Power Per Stack: 5/10 ⇒ 1/2

Bug fixes

  • There should no longer be mystery gold orbs that you can’t interact with.

New TFT lab Double-Up finally brings co-op mode to autobattler

After two weeks of testing on the PBE after TFT Set 6 went live, the autobattler’s second Labs mode is ready to hit live servers on patch 11.23. Named Double-Up, it’s the first true co-op experience in Teamfight Tactics, letting players pair up with friends in a 2v2v2v2 format.

TFT Double-Up launch in Set 6Riot Games
Double-Up is the first true co-op game mode in TFT.

You will share a HP pool with your partner, meaning you both need to stay winning if you want to find success. Thankfully, you can help each other out, with Assist Armories and the Rune of Allegiance allowing you to give each other items, champions, and other boosts.

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Plus, you can even fight for each other. Your team will jump over to your partner’s board to assist them if you finish your combat quickly.

It’s a vastly different experience to just regular Teamfight Tactics, but that was to be expected from TFT’s first ever co-op mode.

Mercenary nerfs to stop high-rollers

Mercenary was meant to be a high-risk, high-reward trait in TFT Set 6. However, it’s been a bit too flexible for Riot’s liking, with players cashing out early and pivoting into late-game carry boards like Yone-Fiora with ease.

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Riot are trying to rein in the Fortune fantasy a bit in TFT patch 11.23 with nerfs to the Mercenary trait, as well as Gangplank and Miss Fortune individually. The exact numbers are yet to be released, however.

Riot Games
Mercenaries are copping the brunt of Riot’s nerf hammer in TFT patch 11.23.

Imperial carry Samira is also primed for nerfs after her new build has shot up through the meta towards the top (thankfully it’s not as powerful as her Set 4.5 build). The same goes for Academy reroll — with the Katarina and Graves variations about to be nerfed with an overall nerf to the trait.

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Bodyguard buffs will increase frontline options

On the flip side, Bodyguards are getting a buff in TFT patch 11.23 in two ways. Five-cost unit Galio is getting a hand, and the trait overall will be buffed up — likely to help it contest with other strong frontlines like Bruiser.

Colossus is in the same boat, with the trait getting some extra power shot into it to compensate for the fact they take up two board spots.

Finally, Imperial buffs are also on their way — so it’s not all doom and gloom for Samira (or Sion, or Swain) carry players.

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On top of the aforementioned changes, eight Augments are set to be in the firing line. This includes Woodland Charm — which has dominated early games — as well as the lacklustre Portable Forge.

The Enforcer and Sniper traits are also set to receive adjustments, rather than direct buffs or nerfs.

You can find the full TFT patch 11.23 notes below.

TFT patch 11.23 notes




  • Mystic Shot Damage: 30/60/90 ⇒ 25/50/100


  • Max Mana nerf: 40/80 ⇒ 50/90


  • Flinged Main Target Stun: 1.5/2/2.5 ⇒ 1.5/2/3

Twisted Fate

  • Starting Mana nerf: 30/40 ⇒ 0/40


  • Attack Damage: 45 ⇒ 50



  • Shunpo Damage: 180/225/300 ⇒ 190/240/320


  • Attack Damage: 30 ⇒ 35


  • Death’s Hand Healing: 200/250/325 ⇒ 200/230/300


  • Chomp Attack Damage scaling: 150% ⇒ 140%



  • Max Mana buff: 100/160 ⇒ 100/150


  • Health: 800 ⇒ 750
  • Armor and Magic Resist: 45 ⇒ 40
  • Attack Damage: 80 ⇒ 75
  • Parrrley Base Damage: 125/150/200 ⇒ 110/135/170

Miss Fortune

  • Attack Speed: 0.75 ⇒ 0.7
  • Make It Rain Damage: 300/400/600 ⇒ 275/375/550


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  • Attack Damage: 85 ⇒ 80
  • Flair Attack Damage scaling: 175/180/190% ⇒ 165/170/180%
  • Flair Armor shred: 10/20/40 ⇒ 10/15/20
  • Flair ranged cast time slightly reduced ranged


  • Deceive Attack Damage scaling: 175% ⇒ 185%


Dr Mundo

  • Zap Dose Magic Damage Ticks: 100/150/300 ⇒ 80/125/300
  • Zap Dose Current Health Explosion scaling: 20/25/50% ⇒ 15/20/50%
  • Zap Dose Instant Heal Max Health scaling: 40% ⇒ 35%
  • Zap Dose Heal Over Time Max Health scaling: 20/30/100% ⇒ 25/35/100%


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  • Blade Waltz startup delay has been slightly reduced


  • Attack Damage: 75 ⇒ 70
  • Purge Attack Damage scaling: 30% ⇒ 25%


  • Attack Speed: 0.85 ⇒ 0.8



  • Starting Mana buff: 180/300 ⇒ 200/300
  • Colossal Entrance damage: 125/250/2000 ⇒ 150/250/2000


  • Melee Bonus Armor and Magic Resist: 50 ⇒ 40


  • Attack Speed: 1.1 ⇒ 1.05

Tahm Kench

  • Devour Damage: 1000/1600/30000 ⇒ 900/1450/30000


  • Health: 850 ⇒ 800



  • Starting Attack Damage and Ability Power: 20/40/60/80 ⇒ 18/35/50/70
  • Ability Power and Attack Damage Per Cast: 3/5/10/15 ⇒ 3/5/8/12


  • Bodyguards now gain a shield shortly after combat begins when they trigger their taunt
    • Shield Amount: 100/300/600/1000


  • Bonus Health: 125/250/400/700 ⇒ 125/225/350/700


  • Base Attack Speed: 10/25/50 ⇒ 10/30/55%


  • Damage Reduction: 25% ⇒ 30%


  • Enforcers will no longer detain units who are immune to crowd control effects. When selecting which units to detain, Enforcers will skip over units who are immune to crowd control
  • Zephyr now takes priority over Enforcer. When selecting which units to detain, Enforcers will skip over units who are cycloned by Zephyr


  • Team Bonus Damage: 0/40% ⇒ 0/50%


  • Innovation Base Health: 650/1100/1900 ⇒ 475/750/1250
  • Innovation Base Attack Damage: 50/75/100 ⇒ 40/50/65
  • Innovation Star Level Modifier: 15% ⇒ 25%
  • Hextech Dragon (7 Innovator) is now immune to crowd control
  • Hextech Dragon (7 Innovator) Attack Range: 4 ⇒ 2 Hexes
  • Hextech Dragon (7 Innovator) Electrifying Roar Fear Range: 3 ⇒ 5 Hexes
  • Hextech Dragon (7 Innovator) Electrifying Roar Fear Duration: 4 ⇒ 3 seconds
  • Hextech Dragon (7 Innovator) 3rd attack Magic Damage: 750 ⇒ 500
  • Hextech Dragon (7 Innovator) Electrifying Roar now increases ally size for the buffs duration


  • Lowered the total power of the trait by slightly reducing the value of various dice rolls across the board.
    • Gold (Chest+X) lowered from 5 ⇒ 4
    • Gold (Sword+X) lowered from 8 ⇒ 7
    • Kraken+Soldier Loaded Dice lowered from +5g to +2g
    • Krakens are less likely to show up
    • Fish combos moved from 3 loss to 4 loss
    • 7 merc power also lowered
    • Bag lowered from Item + 4g ⇒ Item
    • Monster lowered from Neeko + 6g ⇒ Neeko + 3g
    • Sword lowered from 5cost + 6g ⇒ 5cost + 2g


  • Hyper-Adrenal Glands renamed to Adrenaline Rush
  • Cybernetic Enhancement Bonus Health: 400/800 ⇒ 450/900
  • Voracious Appetite AD and AP: 30/50 ⇒ 25/40
  • Metamorphosis AD and AP Per Stack: 10/20 ⇒ 5/10


  • Item randomization now tries to avoid granting champions items that have poor synergy (ie: Ziggs can no longer roll Zz’Rot Portal, Blitzcrank can no longer roll Deathblade)


  • [NEW] Snipers gain +1 Attack Range. Units equipped with the Sniper Emblem will also benefit from this bonus
    • Sniper units (Jhin, Caitlyn, Tristana, Miss Fortune, Kog’Maw) have had their range reduced by one to compensate for the one extra range the trait now grants.


Death’s Defiance (Portable Forge Item)

  • Armor: 25 ⇒ 50

Ionic Spark

  • Zap Damage: 250% ⇒ 225%

Muramana (Portable Forge Item)

  • Mana over 4 seconds: 100 ⇒ 200

Obsidian Cleaver (Portable Forge Item)

  • Armor/MR Penetration: 40% ⇒ 70%

Randuin’s Sanctum (Portable Forge Item)

  • Shared Armor & MR: 40 ⇒ 50

Rocket Propelled Fist (Portable Forge Item)

  • Health: 200 ⇒ 750
  • Mana: 15 ⇒ 30


All For One (Imperial)

  • Health percentage of ally granted to the Tyrant upon their death: 40% ⇒ 33%

Ardent Censor (Enchanter)

  • Gold (Tier 2) ⇒ Silver (Tier 1)

Binary Airdrop

  • Silver (Tier 1) ⇒ Gold (Tier 2)
  •  randomization now tries to avoid granting champions items that have poor synergy (ie: Ziggs can no longer roll Zz’Rot Portal, Blitzcrank can no longer roll Deathblade)

Built Different I/II/III

  • Health (across tiers): 300/450/600 ⇒ 300/400/500
  • Attack Speed (across tiers): 50/65/80 ⇒ 50/60/70
  • Can no longer be offered on the third Augment choice
  • Most Heart and Soul Augments, as well as all Emblem Augments, are no longer offered after choosing Built Different

Calculated Loss

  • Can no longer be offered on the third Augment choice


  • Can no longer be offered on the third Augment choice

Lifelong Learning (Scholar)

  • Gold (Tier 2) ⇒ Silver (Tier 1)
  • Can no longer be offered on the third Augment choice

Junkyard (Scrap)

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  • Can no longer be offered on the third Augment choice

Phony Frontline

  • Health: 600 ⇒ 500

Runic Shield I/II/III (Arcanist)

  • Infinite ⇒ 8 seconds
  • Shield scaling (across tiers): 250/375/500% ⇒ 300/450/600% AP

Share The Spotlight (Socialite)

  • Shared Bonus: 75% ⇒ 100%

Sharpshooter (Twinshot)

  • Damage Falloff: 40% ⇒ 45%

Titanic Force

  • Health Threshold: 1300 ⇒ 1400
  • Max Percent Health as bonus AD: 4% ⇒ 3%


  • Health regen per second: 10% ⇒ 12% missing Health
  • Health regen per second cap: Uncapped ⇒ 200 Health per second


  • Now grants the correct amount of gold per Augment
    • 25/30/30g ⇒ 20/25/30g

Woodland Charm

  • Gold (Tier 2) ⇒ Prismatic (Tier 3)
  • HP Clone increased from 1200 ⇒ 1500



  • New Labs game mode added: Double-Up

Hyper Roll

  • Yordles: Now gives one Yordle after each player combat.
  • Yordles: Has a chance to give a second Yordle after each player combat. This chance increases each stage.

TFT Coins

  • Mobile is getting a new currency to make things easier on our back-end. Pricing of all products has not changed, you’ll just be using TFT Coins to buy them.

System Changes

Augment Varieties

  • Added six new possible augment quality arrangements to the game
    • Silver/Prismatic/Silver
    • Prismatic/Gold/Gold
    • Gold/Silver/Silver
    • Silver/Gold/Prismatic
    • Gold/Gold/Gold
    • Prismatic/Silver/Gold

Bug Fixes

  • Sharpshooter (Twinshot) augment no longer works with Sniper attacks
  • Broken Stopwatch augment (Clockwork) now properly freezes CC immune units (ie: Colossus, Quicksilver)
  • Items created from the Binary Airdrop augment will now properly trigger their start of combat phase effects (ex: Zephyr, Zeke’s Herald, etc.)
  • Blitzcrank’s allies now always properly retarget to his Rocket Grab target if they’re within range
  • The Runic Shield augment (Arcanist) will no longer grant shields to units on the bench
  • Training Dummies should no longer show up in End of Game/Match History screens
  • Mercenary Orbs have been moved to the right so they should no longer be hidden by the Hextech core
  • Fixed an issue where Yordles could fail to combine and star0up when coming out of the Yordle Portal. This would most commonly happen when getting 2 Yordles in Hyper Roll
  • Gold Collector no longer grants gold on PVE rounds
  • Taric no longer fails to heal himself if his primary heal target dies when casting

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