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Riot commissions the perfect True Damage cosplay to celebrate LoL Worlds

Published: 31/Oct/2019 23:12 Updated: 1/Nov/2019 3:00

by Alan Bernal


The hype for League of Legends’ next musical collective True Damage is at an all-time high, which has led to incredible cosplays for the members of the group.

Riot Games is in the middle of producing Worlds 2019 where the best players in LoL are battling it out to claim the Summoner’s Cup. But people who aren’t playing on-stage are still looking forward to the premiere of TD, along with the incredible in-game skins for the group.

Along with a debut track single called Giants, TD will be coming to the League of Legends servers in the form of new skins for Qiyana, Ekko, Senna, Yasuo, and Akali on November 10.

TD recreated IRL

But before they come to the game, Riot commissioned a group of stellar cosplayers to recreate the five stars-in-the-making, with each design better than the last.

First up is Mica Burton who took on LoL’s upcoming marksman support Senna. The cosplay features all of the flair and accessories packaged with the first new skin for the 146th LoL champion.

The effort resulted in a striking recreation of The Redeemer, complete with the huge cannon she lugs around which is enormous in size compared to the cosplayer.

micaburton InstagramThe Senna cosplayer looks vicious, especially being armed with the Relic Cannon.

Yasuo and Qiyana cosplays coming in for the kill

Then there’s ‘JohnnyJunkers’ who took on Yasuo and his entirely blue outfit. The futuristic design features amps on the arms of the character’s blue trench coat.

While there’s a ton to appreciate, Yasuo’s Last Breath sword revamped for the future is without a doubt the highlight of the cosplay.

Junkers Cosplay Inc FacebookThe cosplayer perfectly pulled off the TD Yasuo design.

Meanwhile, cosplayer ‘Nadyasonika’ took on the edgy Elemental Empress who definitely looks ready to cause mayhem on the Rift. Like the other cosplayers, she’s holding up the massive Ohmlatl circular blade that looks ripped straight from the game.

Her halter top covers her entire neck where the words ‘True Damage’ are prominently displayed, and she posed on a throne as the pop-star version of LoL’s most brash champion would.

Nadyasonika InstagramQiyana never looked so appropriately placed than on a throne.

True Damage Akali and Ekko cosplays

Cosplayer Stella Chuu took on the role of Akali, the K/DA defector and creator of True Damage.

The character’s outfit was recreated down to the detail, even with the tattoo markings featured on the character.

Stella Chuu InstagramAkali looked great in K/DA but Stella Chuu makes her look even better in TD.

One of the standouts from the group lies with ‘kadu_out’ and the Ekko redesign he wore for the shoot. Ekko’s TD skin has been far-and-away one of the most anticipated releases of the pack.

“Really happy to return to the league cosplay realm with the True Damage Project,” kadu_out said about doing the cosplay. “I was so damn excited when I first saw this new Ekko skin.”

kadu_out InstagramThe cosplayers expertly brought Akali and Ekko to life.

True Damage joins K/DA and PentaKill as hit music groups made of League of Legends characters. Even though the members are fictional and a part of LoL, the music Riot puts out has very real fan bases who are always wanting more.

This time around Riot has partnered with DUCKWRTH, Becky G, Keke Palmer, Thutmose, and returning K-Pop star Soyeon of (G)l-DLE to voice True Damage in the song, and in some cases in the game.

Fans can’t wait to get their hands on the TD skins coming to League of Legends, but at least they have these incredible cosplays to hold over their imaginations in the meantime.


Pokemon cosplayer creates the perfect Pikachu disguise as Mimikyu

Published: 30/Nov/2020 19:59

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon cosplayer made waves on Instagram after sharing her adorable take on Sun & Moon’s Mimikyu. The talented artist brought the disguised Ghost-type to life with her stunning outfit. 

The Pokemon franchise whisked players away to the tropical region of Alola for its 2016 titles Sun & Moon. Despite its sunny and vibrant setting, the RPG also introduced the tragic Ghost monster Mimikyu.

Despite its sad backstory, fans over the years have fallen in love with the creature. A cosplayer celebrated the beloved ‘mon on Instagram with her creative outfit that will be sure to warm hearts.

Screenshot of Pokemon Mimikyu from Sun & Moon anime.
The Pokemon Company
The tragic Sun & Moon Pokemon has become a fan-favorite since its 2016 debut.

Pokemon cosplayer brings Mimikyu to life

About a third into the game, players take a detour on Ula’ula Island to an abandoned supermarket off of Route 14. Here, Trainers are first introduced to the shy ghost named Mimikyu, who hides under a disguise meant to look like Pikachu.

Cosplayer Marissa ‘marissaemma‘ Dattoli brought the character to life when she shared her epic costume of the Gen VII Pokemon. The artist adorably wore a hoodie re-creation of Ghost’s cloth sack, which turns into a buttoned up coat that drapes over her body.

Throughout the series, viewers have only gotten a small glimpse of the character’s shadowy-looking form that creeps out from underneath its Pikachu costume. To represent this, Marissa cleverly wore a black tutu which feathers out across her legs.


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A post shared by Marissa Dattoli (@marissaemma)

While there is not a lot known about its origins, tales suggest that anyone who stares at the ‘mon’s true form under its cloth sack will come down with a sickness or even die. Despite its dark background, fans of the RPG have come to sympathize with its loneliness. Marissaemma brings a perfect twist to the monster which many have come to love.

The Pokemon franchise entered its eighth generation three years after the release of Sun & Moon. While the Nintendo Switch title takes place in Galar, Game Freak has brought Mimikyu over to the new region, which has been a hit with the community.