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LoL: True Damage Ekko easter eggs include K/DA, Pentakill, more

Published: 30/Oct/2019 20:31 Updated: 30/Oct/2019 21:14

by Alan Bernal


The upcoming debut for League of Legends’ new hip-hop group True Damage is introducing the best skin for Ekko yet – along with incredible easter eggs.

Riot Games are nothing if not thorough when it comes to introducing inspired reimaginings of their popular champs, and they’re going all out once more for the launch of their next band starring League of Legends champions.

While there’s been a ton of fanfare for the upcoming release, which includes a Louis Vuitton skin for Qiyana, players have been living the early look for the Boy Who Shattered Time.

Riot GamesEkko is getting a huge cosmetic redesign with his True Damage skin.

In a SkinSpotlights video for Ekko’s TD design, players are introduced to the new voice lines that’ll come packaged with the 1820 RP skin.

Ekko is getting a whole lot of new quips and easter eggs depending on the in-game scenario a player encounters.

“Damn… K/DA’s song is certified ‘All-Kill.’ Where can I get some tickets?” Ekko says after making first contact with another champion in a K/DA skin.

There seems to be some friendly rivalry between some of the members of TD, as heard when TD Ekko comes across TD Qiyana: “Qiyana’s voice is somethin’ special. But she ain’t drowning me out!”

When Ekko manages to defeat an enemy in a Pentakill skin, the champ makes sure to rub in the kill with a vicious diss: “Pentakill? Only needed one kill to beat you.”

But the real treasures are uncovered when Ekko makes his first move out of the Fountain or has a long trek back to lane.

That’s when Riot Games makes full use of the voice actor’s flow and deliveries with a few bars as the champ makes their way across the Rift.

“Call me a scholar / Gifted and lyrical / Don’t need dollars / To make a miracle,” Ekko says on the first move.

SkinSpotlights YouTubeThere seems to be some friendly quips when defeating other True Damage members.

Then on long moves, that’s where the devs and the artists chained verses:

“Don’t pray for me. / Pray for my enemies. / Ekko’s the name / The crowd’s acclaim. / Didn’t ask for fame. / I changed the game. / My streets / Weren’t no joke. / Where you think I got beats this dope? / Time is of the essence / My rhymes teach lessons beyond adolescence. / My style’s wild and free. / My bars a divine decree. / My pops praise me might. / I got no one to spite. / My mama raised me right!”

DUCKWRTH, Becky G, Keke Palmer, Thutmose, and returning K-Pop star Soyeon of (G)l-DLE will be taking over Ekko, Qiyana, Senna, Yasuo and Akali in the upcoming GIANTS single. The skins for the group are expected to drop in-game on November 10.

It seems like League of Legends players are going to have a ton of reasons to get the new True Damage skin for Ekko, seeing as it’s filled with unique tidbits to discover.

League of Legends

Doublelift explains how TSM’s “bad” SwordArt negotiations made him retire

Published: 2/Dec/2020 1:24 Updated: 2/Dec/2020 1:43

by Alan Bernal


League of Legends star Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng revealed more about the strained timeline of Team SoloMid’s negotiations with Hu ‘SwordArt’ Shuo-Chieh, which ultimately led the North American veteran to retire.

Doublelift went into the off-season with a single objective for TSM: sign an elite support who spoke English. SwordArt just got done with a stellar season lifting his team to win the LPL 2020 Regional Finals and getting second place at Worlds.

The TSM veteran also recommended Team Flash’s Nguyễn ‘Palette’ Hải Trung as a suitable support for TSM. However, DL really wanted to play with a bot-lane partner that spoke his native English; a requirement Palette didn’t fulfill, but SwordArt did.

TSM were looking forward to staving off Doublelift’s retirement by making a deal with SwordArt. However, TSM later told their star ADC that negotiations were shaky, and asked if he would be okay with Palette instead. He wasn’t.

On November 25th, Doublelift retired. On November 26th, TSM announced they had successfully signed SwordArt from Suning on a two-year deal that would pay him an LCS-high of $3 million per season.

“No, I didn’t know SwordArt was coming before I retired,” Doublelift said, before explaining how rough transfer discussions made him lean into retirement. “I was really excited for the whole SwordArt thing. They told me SwordArt was confirmed, and I got really excited

“And then I guess the negotiations were going really bad at certain points. So then they told me: ‘Actually, (the deal with SwordArt) fell through. It’s not going to work. Would you still be committed if your support was Palette?’”

Although impressed with Palette, DL was really keen on getting the bot-lane synergy rolling with someone he could effectively communicate with.

At this point, SwordArt was the unobtainable lynchpin in keeping Doublelift from retirement.

But it wasn’t until a day after Doublelift, 27, decided to retire, after production had wrapped on his retirement video, and after TSM were already moving past the seasoned ADC, that the org announced the new support.

“The whole situation made me realize: I’m better off retired,” Doublelift said.