League of Legends Ahri anniversary video is a K-Pop fan dream come true

Ahri in the anniversary videoRiot Games

Riot Games have released an adorable music video celebrating Ahri’s 10-year League of Legends anniversary, giving LoL fans the perfect opportunity to see The Nine-Tailed Fox in action. 

Ahri has been a fan favorite League of Legends champion since her 2011 debut, and since then, the mysterious fox-like continues to appear in various media. While many players will currently getting to grips with Ahri’s abilities in The Ruined King, League of Legends Korea has uploaded a K-pop-inspired music video to celebrate her anniversary. 

As Ahri has strong ties to the spirit realm, a magical MV has been made to capture the community’s love for the Ionian mage. It’s here where players get to see the popular mid-laner and K/DA pop star in all her glory, giving Ahri mains the chance to see a number of her iconic skins. 

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League of Legends celebrates Ahri’s 10-year anniversary

Ahri in League of LegendsRiot Games
Ahri is celebrating her 10-year anniversary in style.

Riot has used Ahri in all kinds of promotional material over the years. From the beautiful animation of the A New Dawn cinematic to her lead role in League of Legends virtual K-pop girl group, K/DA, the mystical kitsune has also been a popular pick amongst talented cosplayers and artists. 

If that wasn’t enough, Ahri also currently has a 4% pick rate and 51.5% win rate in patch 11.23, showing just how incredibly potent she is. While Ahri’s design is visually striking, it’s her potent kit that has made her such a strong pick in countless seasons. 

Not only does she have tremendous amounts of mobility thanks to her ultimate, but her ability to both outplay and bait her opponents is often unparalleled. From her deadly charm that lures in enemies to her high damage Q, Ahri has plenty of tricks up her sleeves when it comes to defeating her enemies. 

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To celebrate Ahri’s 10-year anniversary and her dominance within the game, League of Legends Korea has released an animated music video of the mystical fox. It’s here where fans get to take a look at the character’s most popular skins and get a glimpse into her biggest appearances. 

It’s clear a lot of love went into creating this animated short and we can’t wait to see what Riot has in store for Ahri’s 20-year-anniversary!