T1 Faker explains why he didn’t use his own $430 Hall of Legends Ahri skin

Carver Fisher

T1 Faker picked Ahri in a LoL pro match for the first time since his Hall of Legends skin came out, but he didn’t end up equipping it. He explained why in a post-game interview.

Though Faker may have been the best choice for the very first Hall of Legends inductee – something that was explained by League of Legends game director Pu Liu – there’s one big problem with him as a choice: Faker doesn’t typically use skins.

Whether it be in pro matches or solo queue, Faker almost never uses skins outside of a few select instances, like him using his SKT Ryze skin in the Worlds 2016 Grand Finals.

This disconnect has a number of League players claiming the best way to emulate Faker is to use her base skin, the “real Faker Ahri skin.”

Considering the actual skin requires players to buy a $430 RP bundle to get it, this is a much cheaper way to emulate Faker.

Sure enough, Faker would stick with his tried and true base skin in his first Ahri pro game after the champion came out.

With players boycotting the skin in various ways, like banning Ahri before the game starts or running it down if their teammate uses the skin, the fact that Faker didn’t even use his own Ahri cosmetics certainly sparked conversation in the community.

“This is part of why Faker is in the Hall of Legends,” claimed one Twitter user.

“Are you surprised? This guy has values,” said another.

However, according to Faker himself, there wasn’t any specific goal behind him not using the skin. He explained that he didn’t even think of using a skin in the match.

Considering that you could count the number of times Faker has even equipped a skin in a publicly shown match on one hand, this answer isn’t all that surprising.

And, though Faker encouraged fans to use the Ahri skin, it remains to be seen if he’ll ever equip it for himself.