LoL’s Hall of Legends battle pass is actually good despite Ahri’s controversial skin

Liam Ho
Risen Legend LB Splash Art

The Hall of Legends event in League of Legends has received a tonne of backlash due to the release of the Immortalized Legend Ahri skin, but outside of that, the battle pass is one of the best we’ve received in a long time.

League of Legends‘ most controversial event has to be the recently released Hall of Legends. Used to celebrate Faker’s induction into the monumental Hall of Fame, the event commemorates the pro player’s achievements throughout his career, spanning all the way back to 2013.

However, the event was quickly met with backlash from the player base due to the hefty price tag attached to the Immortalized Legend Ahri skin being sold. This quickly ruined much of the event for players and was easily the first point of critique.

Despite the controversy surrounding the release of the Ahri skin, the Hall of Legends battle pass is one of the best we’ve ever received from the developers, in both value and storytelling.

Hall of Legends Ahri skin
Ahri’s skin for the Hall of Legends event caused quite a ruckus among the player base.

The pass itself costs 1950 RP in total and provides so much bang for your buck. Not only is this far cheaper than the Ahri skin bundles, but it also provides more varied rewards with a neat storytelling aspect.

The battle pass takes you through Faker’s journey as a pro player, including several facts about his first game, his first pentakill, and more.

The pass also rewards you with several SKT skins, all of which were chosen by Faker during his victories at Worlds. This includes SKT T1 Zed, Ryze, and Syndra — which itself is worth 3300 RP.

On top of that, you’re also rewarded with a ridiculous amount of Mythic essence, which can be used to purchase rare cosmetics in the rotating shop. 100 Mythic Essence is normally the offering for fully completing an entire event, so considering you get 125 in the pass alone, it has incredible value.

Hall of Legends event pass
The event pass gives so many rewards, as well as a neat storyline to follow as well.

Finally, you also get a heap of other emotes, banners, summoner icons, and orange essence as bonuses throughout the pass, continually adding to the ridiculous amount of value it offers.

What makes this pass even better aside from the rewards is that it’s nowhere near as grindy as other seasonal events. The experience required does not scale with level, meaning you can quickly grab the rewards using missions provided by the devs.

The pass also doesn’t include a currency system like other seasonal events. While the currency on events seems good on paper, it actually restricts the rewards you can get from it — making this pass far superior.

Despite the qualms much of the player base has with the Immortalized Legend Ahri skin, there’s no denying that the developers have done an absolutely stellar job with the battle pass for this event, hopefully meaning we’ll see more like it down the line.

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