LoL Ahri’s banrate skyrockets due to player protest after controversial skin release

Liam Ho
Popstar Ahri

Ahri’s ban rate in League of Legends has skyrocketed due to the player base protesting against the developers for releasing her $450 Hall of Legends skin.

League of Legends has just released the most expensive skin to ever grace the MOBA. The Immortalized Legend Ahri is priced at around $450 USD and was made to celebrate pro player Faker’s achievements.

The player base immediately responded negatively to the hefty price of the skin, calling for Riot to drop the price or they would constantly ban out Ahri so that people couldn’t use it.

Riot remained firm in their stance, however, with developers defending the pricing. Now that the skin has been released, the player protests have finally begun, resulting in Ahri’s ban rate skyrocketing.

Originally pointed out by League of Legends streamer Caedrel and according to League of Legends statistics website Lolalytics, Ahri’s ban rate has suddenly spiked. After the release of her Immortalized skin, ban rates went from around 8% to about 16%.

Other statistics websites like OP.GG also echoes a similar statement, with Ahri hovering around an 8.3% ban rate in Patch 14.11 only for this number to suddenly double to 15.97%.

It’s clear that this form of protest has resonated with some of the player base, as the spike is more than noticeable. It’s highly likely the devs are aware of this protest and are now seeing the effects.

With the protests still in its early days, it’s hard to say if this will have an impact on the sale of the skin. And it’s also unlikely that Riot will make retroactive changes to the prices now that it’s already been released.

Riot is introducing a new RP bundle and skin tier specifically for the skin, though it seems the protests aren’t looking to stop anytime soon.

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