LoL players rally to mass ban Ahri in protest of Faker’s $450 Hall of Legends skin

Jeremy Gan
Hall of Legends Ahri skin

League of Legends players are calling for a mass banning of Ahri in their games to protest the $450 price tag of Fakers’ Hall of Legends skin. 

When Riot Games revealed the Hall of Legends as a way to celebrate the game’s greatest players, of course, Faker was the first inductee. However, the hype for Faker’s skins turned into outrage when its full price was revealed, setting players back $450 to get the entire bundle. 

In response to the price dubbed as a “scam” by players, some are rallying for a mass banning of Ahri in their games in protest. 

Posted on the Riot Games subreddit, a player bemoaned the insanely high price, asking fellow players to ban Ahri in their games as a way to not allow the skin to be used. 

“This new skin should have been a celebration for everyone who loves the game and Faker. Turns out it costs [$450] to buy it, which is a scam,” the player wrote in their post. 

“If we all decide to ban Ahri (sorry mains, I do like the champ), it might not change anything, but at least we can try to do something about it.” 

Many other players in the comments agreed to do so, with some pointing out that the complete bundle costs an average month’s salary in some countries.

The base Hall of Legends pass will cost 1950 RP (around $15), but won’t unlock everything. There is another upgraded tier of the collection that will set you back 32430 RP (around $50).

To get all the cosmetics, it will cost you 59260 RP (around $450), which will unlock a plethora of skins but for a big price tag. 

The most interesting part of Faker’s Hall of Legends skin is that the Unkillable Demon King is famous for not using any skins, and a player pointed out that the “real” Ahri Faker skin would just be her base skin.