These two countries are holding firm amidst LoL’s Ahri ban wave protest

Liam Ho

League of Legends players worldwide have begun banning Ahri as a form of protest for her new Immortalized Legend skin, except for these two countries.

The ban protests for League of Legends Immortalized Legend Ahri skin have begun. Players from all over the world have been mass banning Ahri from their games, preventing others from being able to use the champion and show off the new expensive skin.

This protest was in response to Riot releasing the newest Hall of Legends skin at approximately $450 USD, the highest a skin has ever sold for in League of Legends. Player backlash has come in many forms, including these protests.

However, it seems not all countries were on the same page when it came to the protests, as further investigation reveals a few have abstained from the process. Ahri’s ban rate has remained somewhat similar in Korea and Turkey, according to several League of Legends statistic websites.

Faker's hall of Legends ahri skin
Ahri’s Immortalized Legend skin was the cause of the ban protests.

According to OP.GG and, Ahri’s ban rate in places like Oceania, Europe, and North America has shot up to around 20-something percent. This is around three times what her ban rate was previously, clearly indicating that the protests have had a large impact on the champion’s stats.

This isn’t the case for Korea or Turkey though, as her ban rate remained mostly unchanged. Korea’s ban rate jumped a meager one percent from around five to six, paling in comparison to other countries. Similarly, Turkey saw a jump of about two percent, going from five to seven percent.

Stats from the Chinese servers are unfortunately unavailable, so there isn’t concrete evidence about China’s response. But it’s clear that the player base of these two servers isn’t too bothered by the release of the Ahri skin.

What these protests mean in the long run is anyone’s guess, but with Riot introducing a new skin tier and RP bundle for the skin, it’s likely this won’t be the last we see of premium price skins in League of Legends.

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