LoL devs introduce “illegal” RP bundle to accommodate for controversial Ahri skin

Liam Ho

League of Legends developers Riot Games have introduced a new RP bundle to accommodate for the new Legend Ahri skin, and players are calling it “illegal”.

The newest controversial skin has finally been added to League of Legends. The Immortalized Legend Ahri skin was introduced as a part of the Hall of Legends event, paying tribute to Faker’s achievements in professional play.

The skin itself costs a fair amount of money, causing many players to become frustrated and upset at the developers. The most expensive version of the skin can only be acquired via a bundle, which can cost over $500.

Now Riot has introduced a new bundle to the League of Legends client to accommodate for the skin, giving players who purchase it a whopping 60200 RP to use. This is the most expensive bundle that the devs have ever released.

As shown by Spideraxe30 on Twitter, the bundle costs around $430 USD, making it a hefty price to pay if you really want the new Ahri skin.

Players were not overjoyed with the expensive offering, with many calling it “illegal” or a “scam”. “Genuinely this should be illegal” one user argued.

Others slammed Riot for having “0 shame” while releasing the new RP bundle, as it seemingly correlates with the release of the Ahri skin. Many users were keen to remind other players to continuously ban Ahri in a form of protest.

With the League of Legends developers adding in a new tier of skin just for the Ahri one, it’s likely that this will not be the last of its kind. This potentially indicates where skins may be heading in the future, with Riot further investing in premium cosmetics that only the most affluent can afford.

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