xQc finally reveals plans for long-awaited subathon on Kick

Dylan Horetski
Twitch streamer xQc live on the platform.

Internet star xQc has revealed plans to finally have a subathon on his Kick channel after years of talking about putting one together.

For years, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has talked about wanting to potentially do a subathon – a long marathon stream where each sub purchased on his channel extends the length of time he’s going to be live.

He was supposed to have a massive 60-day Twitch stream back in 2021, but it never came to fruition. It was brought up again in 2022, but according to TwitchTracker, it never took place.

The Juicer is now on Kick, and revealed during a June 6 stream that he plans on doing a subathon “soon.”

“I’m probably gonna have to do some event, like a scuffed subathon for sure soon. The reality is I’m behind on my hours by a long shot. It’s good content, and [it’ll catch me up on hours],” he said.

“It would have to at least be a whole month subathon. It’s a lot. I’m not baiting, I literally will have to do it.”

As far as content during that subathon, xQc said that he would do an “always on” type stream where he goes on with his daily life away from the computer. “Like cooking breakfast and sh*t,” he said.

Fans quickly took to the comments on the xQc clips YouTube to share their thoughts on the plans, and many of them aren’t exactly sure it’ll ever happen.

“You know it. I know it, and everyone knows it. This will never happen,” he said.

Another commented: “I remember when he said the same thing once a year since 2021.”

It’s unknown at the time of writing when xQc plans on making the subathon happen, but we’ll be sure to update you when the date is revealed.

This comes just weeks after Kai Cenat took over Twitch with his nearly two-week-long marathon stream where he played FromSoftware’s Elden Ring from start to finish without ending the broadcast.