xQc confirms plans for Twitch subathon and how long it will be

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Streaming superstar Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has confirmed plans for his recently-announced Twitch subathon, including how long he’ll host it for.

Subathons are growing in popularity, thanks in no small part to Ludwig. The popular Twitch streamer recently finished a constant 31-day livestream, where he played video games, chatted with viewers, cooked dinner, and even hosted movie nights.

The experience was a record-breaking one. Every time someone subscribed to his channel or gifted “bits” he would extend the stream by 10 seconds. It resulted in him achieving more than $1 million in subs and climbing to over 2.6 million followers.

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Now, fellow streamer xQc – already one of the most-watched people in the world – wants a piece of the action, and he confirmed some of his plans for his own subathon during a recent Twitch stream with fans.

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xQc is hosting his own subathon.

xQc announces plans for subathon

During a Just Chatting stream on Tuesday, April 20, xQc was asked by viewers to share more information about his upcoming subathon. He said that now was the “perfect” time for him to do it, but that it wouldn’t happen just yet.

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“Now is the perfect time to do a subathon. Not [right] now, but I would say within 60 days we’ll have one. What I wanna do is get an IRL backpack ready, I want to get a good setup so I can move around the house with multiple computers,” he explained.

“I want it to be good. I’m not stalling, I’ve already sent a DM to the guy who does a lot of tech stuff, he’s gonna help me figure it out.”

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In the stream on April 18, he revealed that he would start his subathon about six weeks after Ludwig’s so “all the primes are reset” and would put himself “like one second below his threshold” as well as hiring a couple of people to help make it a success.

It was only during his April 26 stream that xQc revealed exactly how long his subathon was going to last. To the surprise of his fans, he claimed he is going to attempt to stream nonstop for 60 days straight. That would be over double the amount of time that Ludwig managed to last.

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“I’m gonna get two or three full computers, so I can do a subathon Andy and put them around the house… yeah, it’s gonna be 60 days.”

Attempting to top Ludwig’s record-breaking subathon will be a monumental task, but given xQc’s popularity, he should be able to beat – or at least match – the numbers Ludwig achieved.

Subathons are clearly a great way for big streamers to go viral, grow their followers and increase their subs. If you’re wondering how much money is in it, here’s how much Ludwig actually earned from his subathon.

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