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xQc explains why long-awaited Twitch subathon still hasn’t happened

Published: 27/Nov/2021 19:27

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel opened up about the subathon he’s been teasing since the beginning of 2021, and explained why it hasn’t happened yet.

On April 27, xQc confirmed his plans for a subathon on Twitch which was supposed to be a massive 60-day long stream.

He officially delayed the subathon in May, and has failed to mention when a potential start date could be since.

Now, on October 26, the former Overwatch pro revealed information as to why the subathon was delayed, and why there might not be one for a long time.

xqc-big xQc has one of the biggest channels on all of Twitch.

xQc on sleep problems delaying subathon

On November 26, xQc opened up about the reasons why the ambitious subathon hasn’t happened yet.


During the live stream he responded to a viewer who was curious about the subathon and said, “Dude, but I have sleep problems though. I literally can’t do s**t, I actually can’t do anything. I wake up f**king gasping for air every day. Literally every day. Absolute dogs**t.

I wanna do a subathon, but if it happens on stream, it’s just weird. People are gonna get worried and s**t, it’ll be weird. It’s just gonna be odd.”

xQc’s insomnia would seemingly interrupt any attempt at a 60-day subathon. And, since most streamers sleep on stream during theirs, fans would become worried for him if they saw him struggling.


It is still possible viewers will get that 60-day subathon out of the star, but it might be a while until his problems with sleeping are fixed.