xQc promises to finally run Twitch subathon but there’s still a wait

xQc looking at camera in white shirt and blue pantsTwitch: xQc

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has given an update on when he plans to finally start his long-awaited subathon after months of promises to get it started. 

Back in March of 2021, Ludwig set Twitch alight when he kicked off his Twitch subathon – spawning a new phenomenon for plenty of streamers to follow. 

The premise of a subathon is simple, every time the streamer gets a subscription, time is added to the countdown clock as to how long they have to stream for. As a result, some of the streams last weeks at a time, with Ludwig’s original idea going on for 31 days before bringing it to its natural conclusion. 

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As noted, some of Twitch’s biggest stars have held subathons of their own since, with xQc promising his fans that he’d also get involved. Though, to this point, the Canadian has yet to do so. 

xQc promises to do long-awaited subathon in 2023

Well, with the calendar turning over to 2023, xQc has offered an update as to when this long-awaited subathon will happen. 

While listing his New Year’s resolutions during his January 2 stream, the former Overwatch star noted that he hopes to have the subathon happen before “Q3” of 2023.

That would mean that he’s planning to put it off for a little while yet and it might not happen until the stat of the summer, meaning fans are still in for a pretty long wait to see him kickstart the subathon. 

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Some are pretty doubtful that it’ll even happen at this point, with some viewers noting that an xQc subathon wouldn’t really be all that different from his current streams. 

The Canadian has been known to stream for over 24 hours at a time before returning to stream later after only a short break. Though, an actual subathon would likely see him way surpass his previous subscriber record of over 102,000 subs.