Kick streamer N3on demands “respect” as streamers mock his girlfriend

Alice Sjöberg
N3on defends his girlfriend Sam FrankN3on/X

Kick streamer N3on has taken to X/Twitter to defend his girlfriend Sam Frank after another streamer, HSTikkyTokky accused her of being the reason N3on canceled a collaboration with him.

N3on is a Kick streamer and YouTuber, with over 150,000 followers on the platform, quickly rising to popularity, now streaming to thousands of viewers at a time.

N3on also often collaborates with various streamers, including controversial stars like Sneako and Adin Ross.

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According to a tweet, he was apparently due to stream with fellow HSTikkyTokky on November 1, but canceled last minute. HSTikkyTokky went on to accuse N3on’s girlfriend Sam Frank of being the reason behind the cancelation.

HSTikkyTokky wrote on X: “Was meant to stream with Neon today. Then last minute he cancelled. Strange, Sam manipulating him again? btw about to go live just setting shit up.”

N3on soon replied with his own tweet, which read: “Please have some respect. If u f**k with me u will let me do what makes me happy. She genuinely makes me happy and keeps me going.

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“Please let me live my life. I love y’all fr and appreciate y’all for caring about me so much. Best community in the world.”

Adin Ross accuses N3on’s girlfriend of cheating

This is not the first time other streamers have made accusations about N3on’s girlfriend. In a stream on October 30, Adin Ross accused Sam of cheating on N3on, despite Sam claiming she’s celibate.

Talking about an event that happened during Twitchcon on September 29, Ross was watching a stream from the day when he suddenly said: “This night, chat, and I want motherf**kers to put it on god.

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“I want people to really put it on god and tell me that she did not fly a guy out – she did not fly a guy out that night, in her hotel room, and sleep with him and f**k. Okay? This is the craziest part!

“Talk about what you did at breakfast! You had breakfast with that guy and you tried putting it on somebody’s tab! You had the audacity to eat breakfast with him, in front of everybody, and put it on somebody’s tab! Yes, chat! Yes!”

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It’s unknown why the two started beefing with one another, however, Ross’ accusations was serious enough that Ricegum, another creator, asked N3on about it at TwitchCon.

Ricegum said he and N3on went out to dinner to ask if he was feuding with Ross, which N3on denied.

“He’s not talking to me right now,” N3on said. “He told me that I need to go home and ground myself and he’s right.”

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