MoistCr1tikal calls out Supcaitlin for “using” mod she kissed for content

Theo Burman
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MoistCr1tikal has called out the Twitch streamer who went viral after kissing one of her moderators as part of a milestone reward to her viewers.

Streamer Supcaitlin went viral thanks to a clip of her reaction to kissing a mod, which she described as “painful.” Many viewers described the moment as “incredibly awkward”, with one suggesting it was already a “most awkward moment candidate 2024”.

Now, top content creator MoistCr1tikal has weighed in on the moment, criticizing Supcaitlin for using her moderator for content when he was “at his most vulnerable.”

Supcaitlin responded to critics by saying that they were not aware of her friendship with the mod, and that the whole situation was parasocial.

She said: “You guys don’t even know him, that’s the f***ing crazy part. You guys are so para-social that you guys think you can speak for someone you don’t even f***ing know. It’d be different if you guys were his friends, if you were in his circle and you were saying brainwashed. You guys don’t even know him!”

MoistCr1tikal discusses being used for content with kissed mod

Regardless, when MoistCr1tikal spoke with the moderator, named Dilly, he was harsh on the streamer he worked for, even though he maintained they had a strong friendship.

When asked if he thought Supcaitlin genuinely cared about him, Dilly responded: “Yeah. Genuinely. When I went through my break up, she set me up to have a dating show.”

MoistCr1tikal immediately responded: “That’s using you for content again, though. That’s not looking out for you. That’s still using you for content and this is at your weakest point, your most vulnerable.

“You’ve just gone through a traumatic experience and she’s immediately using you for content.”

However, the moderator maintained that he “could’ve said no” to the offers.

For more news and updates on the situation, check out our original coverage of the viral clip here.

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