Kick co-founder reveals platform turned down staggering $1 billion offer amid Twitch rivalry

Shay Robson
Kick logo on blue shirt pointed at cameraTwitter: Everton

Kick co-founder Bijan Tehrani has revealed the new streaming platform turned down a staggering $1 billion offer.

Kick has quickly dominated the live-streaming market, going toe-to-toe with the industry titan Twitch, and directly competing with the Amazon-owned platform.

Since launch, we’ve seen many streamers jump ship, and make a home for themselves on Kick, with notable names such as Adin Ross, xQc, Amouranth, and more signing contracts with the platform.

And, according to one of Kick’s co-founders, they’ve already turned down offers of up to a billion for the streaming platform.

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Kick co-founder claims they turned down $1 billion

Kick poster boy Adin Ross was joined by Trainwrecks in a stream on February 6, where they discussed Pokimane’s recent shock move to YouTube after 10 years on the Amazon-owned platform. According to Adin, Twitch no longer has enough money to pay top talent, and claimed the platform is in “shambles.”

Trainwrecks coherently agreed, mocking those who doubted them for joining Kick, where they then discussed their equity in the company. “Look at us now, literal equity owners. The company’s doing so well right now. We’re good, we’re set,” Trainwrecks said.

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It was then that Trainwrecks claimed that Adin Ross’ ownership in Kick may someday be worth upwards of nine figures.

While that sounded extreme to many on Twitter/X, it isn’t exactly unrealistic according to one of the platform’s co-founders Bijan Tehrani, who explained the company turned down $1 billion.

“We turned down $1b, anything is possible,” he wrote, adding a shrugging emoji.

The Kick co-founder was tight-lipped and didn’t provide any more insight, leaving fans guessing. But it’s fair to say the platform has seen nothing but success, and it appears they won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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