Honkai Star Rail players debate Pom-Pom’s gender

Cassidy Stephenson
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Honkai Star Rail users can’t figure out the non-playable character Pom-Pom’s gender – or if the creature even has a gender they identify with.

Since its release, Honkai Star Rail has attracted non-Genshin Impact players and those familiar with the mobile game. The gacha title utilizes most of Genshin’s features but with a different twist. Upon its April 26 launch, Star Rail surpassed 20 million downloads in one day – millions more than Genshin’s previous record.

In addition to the unusual character names – like March 7th – Star Rail users are puzzled by a specific detail about Pom-Pom. Players have been trying to figure out what gender Pom-Pom identifies as, or if they identify with any gender at all.

Honkai Star Rail users are uncertain of Pom-Pom’s gender

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Reddit user Competitve_Ad_53 posed an interesting question on the Honkai Star Rail subreddit. In the comment section, players had contradictive information on Pom-Pom’s gender. In various languages, the game text addressed the conductor of the Astral Express with different pronouns.

“In English sometimes they refer to pom pom as “he” but most of the times without specific gender,” Terrasovia wrote.

“Game text intentionally refers to Pom-Pom as “they.” This is presumably because whatever species Pom-Pom belongs to doesn’t really distinguish among genders,” TearsOfTomorrowYT added.

“All Aeons are always referred to as them (iirc excluding Yaoshi but that was like one time) and so is Pom-pom which is kind of sus,” AinzSamaIsJustice remarked.

Compared to Genshin Impact’s Paimon, Pom-Pom does not leave the Astral Express or randomly appear with an annoying voice line. However, the bunny-like companion does grant players items as they increase their Trailblazer level.

Pom-Pom also emerges when Star Rail users wish for characters using Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes. To find out how to quickly collect the aforementioned resources, read our article to effectively complete your Honkai roster.

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