Honkai Star Rail players celebrate leaked Trailblaze Power cap increase in update 1.3

Jeremy Gan
Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail players are celebrating as a new leak is suggesting an increase to the Trailblaze Power Cap in the upcoming update 1.3. 

Update 1.2 has just hit the servers of Honkai Star Rail, and players are now being treated to the highly anticipated debuts of Kafka and Blade, among other additions. 

However, with a new update released comes a plethora of new leaks for the next patches down the line, as leaks for update 1.3 have already been coming out. From Fu Xuan’s leaked release to new events and quests, there’s plenty more on the horizon. 

Included in the latest round of leaks is a minor, yet nonetheless important quality of life change to the Trailblaze Power, namely, its cap will seemingly be increased in the upcoming 1.3 update. 


According to leaks, the cap for the Trailblaze Power will increase from 180 to 240. This will mean upon a player depleting their Trailblaze Power, it will regenerate in exactly 24 hours, rather than 18 hours. 

According to the leaker, the cap increase does not impact the rate it recharges, as it will still stay as one Trailblaze Power per six minutes.

These changes would make it easier for players to manage their log-in times as they would only need to boot up the game every 24 hours to spend their power, rather than the former and more obtuse 18-hour intervals. 

“The daily TP you get per day is 240 as well, and since the cap is 180, you need to log in six hours after your initial log-in to spend it all,” a player explained in a thread on the HSR subreddit. “Now you can just hop on right before it caps, spend it, and be done with it for the day.” 

“I have to log in only once a day? In this economy?” a player jokingly commented on the Reddit thread. 

However, the change has seen Genshin Impact players asking Mihoyo why their game doesn’t have the same change. As Genshin’s equivalent to Trailblaze Power, Resin, caps at 160, which fully recharges at an uneven 21 hours and 20 minutes. 

“Just saw a Genshin player fall on his knees in Walmart,” a commenter wrote in the Reddit thread. 

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