Honkai Star Rail Natasha’s damage output makes players ‘chuckle’

Natasha in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse

Honkai Star Rail players aren’t impressed by Natasha’s damage output even if she’s a good healer. However, some players claim she can be strong once she reaches her sixth Eidolon.

At the time of writing, Honkai Star Rail lacks ample healer options. As of Version 1.0, the only two characters who can heal are Natasha and Bailu. While Natasha is easily obtainable by completing the story, Bailu is only available as 5-star on the Standard Banner at the time of writing.

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Consequently, Star Rail users are forced to add Natasha to their team if they want heals. However, some players are complaining about the 4-star character’s ability to take down bosses.

Honkai Star Rail’s Natasha struggles with damage

Natasha trickshot lineups Honkai Star RailHonkai Star Rail
Natasha is a great healer option in Honkai Star Rail.

On the Honkai Star Rail subreddit, a Reddit user poked fun at the amount of damage Natasha can deal. The attached meme references Natasha dealing underwhelming damage – even if the boss is stunned. The OP also mentioned how March 7th has a similar problem in combat.

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In the comment section, Star Rail players discussed Natasha’s damage output. Several users revealed how powerful Natasha becomes when she gains her sixth Eidolon. You can gain Natasha’s sixth Eidolon by wishing on the current Event Banner.

“See, I would sympathize with you, except I ended up with an E6 Natasha while being avoided by Seele, which makes her grenades actually have weight,” one player wrote.

“At full health she generates a skill point that would allow my Gepard, Tingyun, March and Pela to do their things,” another user remarked. “The best part is reaching her needing heals without a skill point after using up the last one.”

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Despite her lackluster damage, Star Rail players have discovered how to utilize Natasha for starting fights. Recently, one Natasha user shot her grenade launcher to enter battle with a faraway enemy. However, the impressive trickshot is only possible in certain locations due to the arc on Natasha’s weapon.

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