Honkai Star Rail player finds a way to ‘trickshot’ with Natasha

Carver Fisher
Natasha trickshot lineups Honkai Star Rail

A savvy Honkai Star Rail player has figured out that the arc on Natasha’s grenade launcher allows for her to engage with enemies from a much further distance than intended.

In some ways, getting into combat the right way is just as important as learning the mechanics of turn-based combat in Honkai Star Rail.

Every character has a technique that, in one way or another, aids them with combat and provides bonuses like damage boosts, CC upon entering battle, more break gauge damage, and many other bonuses.

While Natasha has a technique in her kit like all the other characters in Honkai Star Rail, players have found their own way to make her more effective at starting fights: Literal trickshots, like something straight out of Call of Duty.

Ingenious Honkai Star Rail player finds Natasha “lineups”

From old-school MW2 (2009) One Man Army noob tube strats all the way to Valorant lineups, people who play competitive shooters have been coming up with ways to use and abuse map layouts to hit enemies from afar.

Honkai Star Rail players noticed Natasha’s grenade launcher has a massive arc, one that can be taken advantage of in the same way as projectiles can be in competitive shooters.

Eventually, players found parts of the map where they can start fights with enemies from a much further distance than was intended by developers by shooting one of Natasha’s grenades at just the right angle.

It’s important to note that this is only possible in very specific parts of the map due to how dramatic the arc on Natasha’s grenades are, but players are surprised that this is even possible to begin with.

While this is just a fun little trick for now, it’s hard to say whether or not players will find a way to abuse this in some way in the future. Not to mention, Honkai Star Rail is still a very new game. Who knows what players might discover next?

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