Honkai Star Rail leak suggests major game mode update

Cassidy Stephenson
An image of Herta, an ice character in Honkai Star Rail.

A Honkai Star Rail leak has suggested the game’s Simulated Universe feature may receive another world.

The popular gacha game includes many opportunities for players to defeat enemies. A few examples include the Forgotten Hall, boss fights, and the Simulated Universe. The different modes allow users to gain Trailblaze EXP and Stellar Jade as rewards.

To complete the Simulated Universe, players need to strategize a team composition and a Path of Resonance. After each world, the difficulty continues to increase. The challenge also contains different rooms with Domains of Combat, Encounter, Occurrence, and Transaction.

While the Simulated Universe has six worlds to explore, a new leak suggests Honkai Star Rail may expand the feature.

Honkai Star Rail leak claims Simulated Universe expansion

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Twitter user Affinity2_0 posted a Honkai Star Rail leak that suggested one of the aspects of Version 1.2. The HoYoverse leaker claimed Simulated Universe would add a seventh world. The game mode currently has six worlds for players to complete and earn various rewards.

In the tweet’s replies, Star Rail players speculated the game could add Yanqing as a boss or the deer enemy. Other Simulated Universe bosses include Gepard, Cocolia, and Svarog.


Another Twitter user compared the difficulty of the Simulated Universe to Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss. “I’m still not getting past Svarog,” the player wrote.

Others hoped for a Blade boss battle and more Aeon blessings. This could possibly mean more tickets for Herta’s Store.

However, Honkai Star Rail players should take any leaks with a grain of salt until confirmed. Before that, users are anticipating everything coming in Version 1.1. This marks the gacha title’s first post-launch update.

Check out our article to stay updated with all the new content arriving in Version 1.1. Until then, keep pulling on Jing Yuan’s banner or save your Stellar Jade for Silver Wolf.