Genshin Impact devs state no plans for more endgame content after Spiral Abyss

Genshin Impact boss fightHoYoverse

Genshin Impact developers have announced that endgame content similar to Spiral Abyss is not in development. Here’s what the developers had to say on this matter. 

Genshin Impact players have wanted HoYoverse to add more end-game content to the game since release, but so far, news on this eagerly requested feature has been rather scarce. 

This comes as the game celebrates its two-year anniversary with the release of the 3.1 update, which has added new characters, plenty of Primogems, and additional story content. 

However, despite the current in-game celebrations, many Genshin Impact players have been desperate for updates on future modes. Well, thanks to a recent GameSpot interview, we now have an update regarding Gesnhin Impact’s end-game content. 

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Genshin Impact developers on end-game content

HoYoverse revealed that they have no future plans to add more end-game content similar to Spiral Abyss. As of writing, high AR Genshin Impact players have very little to do after they complete the game’s main story. 

In fact, outside of Artifact farming and completing Domains, there isn’t a great deal to keep long-term Travelers invested. While the Spiral Abyss offers the most difficult content for players to test out their team’s strength, it hasn’t exactly proven popular with everyone. 

This is especially true for those that want the developers to add more substantial end-game modes to Genshin Impact.

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“If we design another type of permanent endgame that is similar to the Spiral Abyss, it might end up creating excessive anxiety for our players – not everyone is interested in Musk Reef,” said the developer. 

Genshin Impact official artworkHoYoverse
Genshin Impact players have wanted more end-game content for a while.

This answer will likely come as a major disappointment to the Genshin Impact community, many of whom have been waiting for HoYoverse to add more difficult content to the game. However, this doesn’t exactly mean there won’t be other end-game modes added in the future. 

“Just like [the] Genius Invokation TCG that we unveiled in the Special Program for Version 3.2, we are also working on designing more interesting gameplay in the future,” explained the developer. “As an open-world game, Genshin Impact has a natural compatibility with various types of gameplay, which gives us confidence in the long-term operation.”

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So, while no further Spiral Abyss style modes will be added in upcoming Verison releases, there is still hope that HoYoverse could add other features and game modes that will prove fulfilling for new and veteran Genshin Impact players alike. 

There you have it, everything we currently know about Genshin Impact’s future end-game content plans. Make sure you check out our Genshin Impact page for all the latest news and updates. 

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