Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch: Release date & everything we know so far

hogwarts legacy school switch logoWarner Bros.

The enormous success of Hogwarts Legacy has Nintendo Switch fans wondering if they’ll get to do some wizardry and fly on a broom out of the comfort of their bed thanks to their portable console.

Hogwarts Legacy definitely did not disappoint our team at Dexerto which reviewed it positively. The brilliant iteration of the wizarding world is truly a thing to behold!

As to be expected, Warner Bros. Hogwarts Legacy is available to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players, and PC players, but there have been some question marks over the game’s status on the Nintendo Switch.

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So today, we’ll be answering some of your biggest questions regarding the status of Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch.

Will Hogwarts Legacy be on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, is the simple and straight-to-the-point answer. Hogwarts Legacy is a multi-platform release, including last-gen consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One, and Hogwarts Legacy will also be able to call the Nintendo Switch its home.

professor teaching class in hogwarts legacyWarner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch release date

Keen Switch players will be able to purchase Hogwarts Legacy from July 25, 2023, and it will be the same game with all the features that can be found in other versions.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have a Cloud version?

Surprisingly, Hogwarts Legacy on the Nintendo Switch will seemingly be completely devoid of a Cloud-based version of the game.

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Meaning that Hogwarts Legacy will be running off of the cartridge and the power of the console itself instead of relying on online gaming servers to deliver the most complete and technically efficient product that you would expect to find on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

The official game Q and A does not mention anything about the game being Cloud-supported, and the same goes for descriptions of the game via physical or digital editions. With the Switch release taking place several months after the game’s initial release on major platforms, this would line up with the theory of there being no Cloud support.

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The likely reality is that the devs need additional time to optimize the title and ensure it’s up to scratch and capable of running as smoothly as possible for its full release on the Nintendo Switch.

Hopefully, we’ve cleared everything up regarding Hogwarts Legacy and its status on the Nintendo Switch. For more useful guides and content, we have plenty of other stuff for you to look at:

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