Helldivers 2 devs clarify cryptic “somthing is coming” tease

Shane Black
Helldivers 2 soldiers running

The Helldivers 2 devs have clarified their intention with a mysterious message on Discord that had fans ready for a new enemy.

The team behind Helldivers 2 seemed to be heavily implying that a new enemy faction may be coming to the game in the near future.

For awhile, the community has been speculating when a new type of opponent may appear, specifically the Illuminate, a race from the first game.

There have even been reports of hidden enemies taking shots at players during missions that could very well indicate these enemies have been watching from the sidelines.

Just recently, character models for the Illuminate were leaked online to add to the hype around their eventual introduction.

It seemed that the devs were leaning into this even more with a mysterious tease shared on the official Discord. When asked about future updates, the response was aptly cryptic: “We’ve picked up rumours in the Outer Rim saying something is coming.”

Speculation quickly took off among fans, but developers behind Helldivers 2 have clarified what they were intending with the message, explaining it was in response to a question asking if a patch was coming.

The clarification says, “… I was responding to a question if there could be a patch coming.” It looks like they were just trying to give their answer in a manner fitting of the game’s lore.

However, they couldn’t leave it at that and gave another small tease, saying that there is nothing new coming “for now.”

Just recently, the Automatons were eradicated from the game’s map before they returned, stronger than ever, in a new spot. This has people wondering if this was to make room for a threat that would be arriving.

The wiping out and subsequent return of the Automatons represents just one example of how the devs like to pull the rug out from players after a win, and bringing the Illuminate to the game would be the perfect way to do that right now.

However, it doesn’t look like the devs intend to bring Illuminate to the game right now, and want to focus on weapon balancing and bug fixes. But that doesn’t mean this patch couldn’t also include a surprise new enemy, as they’ve dropped new threats by surprise before.

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