How to rank up fast in Halo Infinite: Best ways to gain more XP

Alec Mullins
Halo Infinite spartan running

Looking to fast-track your way through Halo Infinite’s battle pass? We’ve got a guide to ranking up fast in the new release, with the best ways to gain more XP in Halo Infinite’s seasonal system. 

Like so many of its modern shooter counterparts, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is centered around a battle pass structure that passively rewards players who spend time playing the game.

Featuring 100 tiers of content, it can be quite tiresome to climb the vast heights of the pass without some help. On that note, we’ve got all the best tricks to get you soaring to new heights before you know it.

How to rank up fast in Halo Infinite

Complete daily and weekly challenges

The Halo Infinite challenges menu displays every challenge that players can complete for additional XP
These challenges are key to making your way up the ranks of the Infinite’s 100 tier battle pass.

Since Halo Infinite does not reward per-match XP as of now, these are the lifeblood of progression and will dictate how far you advance every season.

There will be a new set of challenges to complete every day or week depending on the type of challenge, and completing them is the ultimate way to rank up fast.

From winning specific types of matches to accumulating a set number of kills, the three weekly challenges plus combined with a new daily challenge every day provide the easiest path towards completing the battle pass.

Premium pass holders will also unlock a bonus fourth weekly challenge to speed up their progress.

Use XP Boosts and Grants from the battle pass

XP boosts in Halo can be earned in the battle pass or purchased in the in-game store
These boosts make life much easier, as all XP that you earn receives a generous increase in value.

Unlike the challenges, these items will cost some money to take advantage of. The premium battle pass offers several of these consumables and their usefulness varies accordingly.

XP Boosts will increase the amount of experience you get for a pre-determined amount of time, while XP Grants instantly reward experience when activated.

To get the most out of each boost, wait until just before you’re ready to complete a challenge to activate it, ensuring you get the most time possible to work towards another.

These boosts can also be purchased individually in the in-game shop.

Halo Infinite screenshot showing capture the flag game mode
Halo Infinite’s challenges vary, forcing you play different game modes and use different weapons.

Buy your way up the battle pass

This tip goes hand in hand with the consumables as Infinite allows players to purchase tiers of the battle pass as an alternative to grinding them out in-game.

If you have the cash to splash, this is by far the fastest way to level up the pass. However, the cost can be a bit prohibitive: You would need to fork over $10 for the base-level battle pass on top of the tiers you’re buying, paying upwards of $210 to complete it.

That’s all there is to know about earning quick XP in ranking up fast. Don’t forget to check out our Halo Infinite page for all the latest news, guides, and leaks.