Best Halo Infinite controller settings: Aim assist, sensitivity & more

Alex Garton
Halo Infinite controller settings

Now Halo Infinite multiplayer has officially launched, which controller settings are optimal and best for picking up kills in online matches?

While hopping into Halo Infinite multiplayer is a dream come true for a lot of long-time fans, finding the correct settings to optimize your gameplay can take hours of tweaking and experimenting.

This is especially true for options like sensitivity and deadzone, which can feel different depending on which FPS you’re playing.

Although the majority of your settings will come down to preference, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best settings for playing Halo Infinite online, and should allow you to get a head start over the competition.

Best Halo Infinite controller settings

Halo Infinite orange
Halo Infinite multiplayer went live on November 15.

Keep in mind, it’s important you use the settings below as baseline and then tweak them according to your preferences. This may take a few matches, but after enough experimenting, you’ll reach the perfect setup for you.

Button Layout

  • Button Layout: Default
  • Thumbstick Layout: Default
  • Vibration: Off

Movement & Aiming

  • Invert Look (Vertical): Off
  • Invert Look (Horizontal): Off
  • Invert Flight: Off
  • Hold to Crouch: Off
  • Hold to Zoom: On
  • Hold to Sprint: Off
  • Movement Assisted Steering: Off
  • Maintain Sprint: On
  • Auto Clamber: On
  • Step Jump: On

Sensitivity & Acceleration

  • Look Acceleration: 5
  • Look Sensitivity (Horizontal): 6
  • Look Sensitivity (Vertical):  6

Zoom Sensitivity

  • Zoom Level: 1.4x
  • 1.4x Sensitivity: 0.9

Move Thumbstick

  • Center Deadzone: 2.0
  • Max Input Threshold: 10.0
  • Axial Deadzone: 2.0

Look Thumbstick

  • Center Deadzone: 2.0
  • Max Input Threshold: 10.0
  • Axial Deadzone: 2.0

Out of all of the settings, it’s deadzonez and sensitivity that will require most changes from player to player, but hopping into the practice range and optimizing these options can make a huge difference in your matches.

Halo Infinite multiplayer
Halo Infinite’s campaign releases on December 8.

So, there you have it, those are the best settings for taking down your opponents in Halo Infinite multiplayer and picking up more victories.

Don’t forget to check out our Halo Infinite homepage for all the latest news, guides, and leaks.

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