Halo players discover yet another Craig easter egg and it rocks

craig on mount rushmoreWikimedia Commons / 343

One of Halo’s oldest memes, Craig, has a litany of easter eggs in Halo Infinite. But, a new one has just been found in the game’s campaign and it’s rock solid.

Halo Infinite’s campaign debuted on December 8 to the joy of the franchise’s many fans. Players have had access to the game’s free-to-play multiplayer for a few weeks now, but there’s still plenty of excitement rolling for Infinite.

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While many easter eggs, or secret little jokes developers add to a game, have been found in multiplayer, people are still on the hunt for hidden gems in the brand-new campaign. And, if we know Halo, we know Craig is bound to show up somewhere.

Sure as ever, players have located an easter egg to Craig the Brute in Halo Infinite’s campaign that is sure to rock your socks off.

Craig easter egg in Halo Infinite campaign

343 Industries
Spartans are dying to get to Halo Infinite’s campaign, but are they ready for Craig?

When we say it rocks, we mean it literally.

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A player has found a massive rock formation somewhere in the Halo Infinite campaign that’s every bit of a Craig Mount Rushmore that you could hope for.

The rock, sticking out of a mountain like a cherry on a banana split, has the same disgruntled face and heavy brow line that fans have come to love about Monke. Fans are, as expected, loving it.

A post to the now reinstated Halo subreddit of the monument titled “Craig Rock” has earned several endorsements, and nearly 10,000 upvotes as the community reliably celebrates their favorite brute.

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Players torn

The only thing fans are stuck between is how to properly honor Craig in this monument. Do they pay him a visit for an honorable teabag, or is such a thing not what Craig would want?

“That’s funny as hell. im gonna have to swing by craig rock at some point l, tour the area and drop my bag on his head a few times,” reflects the sentiments of many avid Craig supporters in the comments.

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But, a select few don’t think so. “Craig does not deserve to be defaced with a Teabag,” wrote one commenter, in the clear minority.

“One of the more boulder Easter eggs I’ve seen” and “Yeah it’s pretty solid” is an exchange that also felt worthy of note.

How you bless Craig Rock is inevitably up to you as you traverse the brand new Halo Infinite campaign. Don’t miss the brute’s other easter eggs hidden in the game’s multiplayer as well.

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