Best guns in Halo Infinite: Ultimate weapon tier list

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Halo Infinite has 22 guns to pick from in multiplayer and we’ve put them all up against each other to determine the very best and the ones you should avoid in our ultimate weapons tier list.

Unlike many of the biggest FPS titles today that let you pick your own weapon to start, Halo has always done things differently. The most powerful guns are dropped around the map so you have to make a decision on which to track down and use for that life.

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From newer options like the Skewer to classics like the Needler, there’s plenty to pick from in Halo Infinite. But how can you tell which power weapons are the best to prioritize?

We’ve got you covered with an in-depth breakdown of every weapon.


Halo Infinite Weapon Tiers

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With 22 options to pick from, we’ve ranked the best and worst guns in Halo Infinite so you always know what to track down.

With 22 weapons to pick from in Halo Infinite, not all of them can be standouts. Some are unquestionably better than others so we’ve dropped all of them into a ranking system to help you out.

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Before brushing up on Halo Infinite’s best weapons, it’s worth getting familiar with our tier system:

  • S-Tier: Must-take weapons
  • A-Tier: Top-tier pickups
  • B-Tier: Decent options
  • C-Tier: Alternatives, not essentials
  • D-Tier: Weapons to avoid

S Tier graphic

S7 Sniper Rifle

Halo Infinite Sniper Rifle

The classic Halo Sniper Rifle is still just as effective in Halo Infinite. One clean headshot is all you need to instantly land a kill. If you hit the body instead, your opponent’s shields will be completely gone for a quick follow up.

Your team should be prioritizing the Sniper on every map. Even if your aim isn’t the best, keeping it out of enemy hands is key.

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M41 SPNKR Rocket Launcher

Halo Infinite Rocket Launcher

Who doesn’t love the Rocket Launcher in Halo? This extremely powerful pickup is capable of more destruction than just about anything else in the game.

With multiple rockets at the ready, a few well-placed shots can easily clean up a few multi-kills with no way for your enemies to fight back.

Energy Sword

Halo Infinite Energy Sword

Energy Sword’s are still the strongest melee weapon in Halo Infinite. Lunging from a longer distance than the standard hit, these power weapons take down nearby foes in the blink of an eye.

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With the right positioning and some good movement, you can wipe entire squads with one well-timed Energy Sword pickup.

Shock Rifle

Halo Infinite Shock Rifle

As an alternate to the regular Sniper Rifle, the Shock Rifle is another long-ranged weapon that can’t be overlooked. One-shot kills are still possible with this new entry in the franchise and better yet, damage can even spread between grouped targets.

Whether you’re flicking for rapid multi-kills or just spraying out damage for your team to follow up on, the Shock Rifle is one of the best power weapons in Halo Infinite today.

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Halo Infinite Mangler

While the Mangler isn’t the strongest weapon in itself, one key combo has been dominating Infinite’s early meta. A rapid one-shot-one-melee combo is tearing through lobbies, leaving players no way to fight back. As a result, you should always be picking this gun up when it’s available.

A Tier graphic

BR75 Battle Rifle

Halo Infinite Battle Rifle

There’s no more well-rounded weapon than the Battle Rifle in Halo. If you’re able to control the recoil, this deadly burst-fire gun will help you dominate in ranked play or casual modes.

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VK47 Commando

Halo Infinite Commando

A new entry in Halo Infinite, the Commando is a fully automatic rifle that can serve you well in almost any situation.

Slow, methodical fire can have you dealing damage from afar while holding the trigger down can snag some close-range kills as well.


Halo Infinite Hydra

As another projectile-based explosive weapon, the Hydra isn’t quite as good as the standard Rocket Launcher, but it’s no slouch either. With the ring angles, this weapon can lock on and devastate vehicles anywhere on the map.

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Halo Infinite Heatwave

Put simply, the Heatwave is essentially a better Shotgun in Halo Infinite. While it has a slightly worse rate of fire, its damage output, ricochet rounds, and versatile reticles make it one of the more reliable picks in the game.

Sentinel Beam

Halo Infinite Sentinel Beam

If your aim is sharp, the Sentinel Beam can absolutely dismantle enemy teams. Capable of dealing damage through multiple targets and even vehicles, accurate tracking can make this one of the better picks in Halo Infinite.

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B Tier graphic

MA40 Assault Rifle

Halo Infinite Assault Rifle

The standard Assault Rifle in Halo Infinite will serve you well, but it’s far from being the best gun in the game.

Everyone spawns with an AR in casual playlists, meaning it’s a solid starting point, but something you should look to upgrade.


Halo Infinite Sidekick

Unfortunately, Halo Infinite’s pistol doesn’t quite match up to the classic Magnum. It’s still a rather strong secondary that can finish off a kill or two, but it doesn’t have the strength to make it a real highlight.

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CQS48 Bulldog

Halo Infinite Bulldog

The Bulldog is the standard Shotgun in Halo Infinite and while its fast fire rate helps pack a punch, you’ll need to land a few close-range shots to get the job done. It’s a handy pickup and good to keep out of enemy hands but by no means a must-have weapon.

Gravity Hammer

Halo Infinite Gravity Hammer

If you’re familiar with the classic Grav Hammer, you’ll feel right at home with its new version in Halo Infinite. It’s great to displace enemies or launch them off the map, but you’re better off picking up an Energy Sword if there’s one available.

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Stalker Rifle

Halo Infinite stalker Rifle

Inspired by the old Carbine, the Stalker Rifle is a long-range weapon with a faster fire rate than any Sniper, at the expense of damage. You’ll need to land multiple shots with this gun, making it a solid option, but not quite the best in its category.


Halo Infinite Ravager

The Ravager is a unique grenade launcher in Halo Infinite that coats a big area in plasma damage. Its damage over time and AoE-style effect can be extremely helpful in Strongholds or Capture the Flag, for instance.

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C Tier graphic

Plasma Pistol

Halo Infinite Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol is back in Halo Infinite, though it’s not quite as formidable as it has been in previous entries. It still wipes out enemy shields with a full charge, but tracking feels notably worse than before, making it a harder pick to recommend.


Halo Infinite Needler

On a similar note to the Plasma Pistol, the Needler is another returning gun that doesn’t quite live up to its former potential. Tracking isn’t particularly great with this weapon and its range is diminished from previous years. It can still be deadly in the right hands, but it’s not a top-tier gun to look out for.

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Halo Infinite Disruptor

The Disruptor is a rather ineffective weapon that deals little amounts of damage over time. Landing a few shots could drain enemy shields over a few seconds, and it’s slightly more effective against vehicles, but the Disruptor won’t be setting the world on fire anytime soon.


Halo Infinite Skewer

If you’re trying to take out vehicles but all the Rockets and Hydras are gone, the Skewer is a decent backup option. It’s not worth using this against individual Spartans, but if you can line up a vehicle shot, just one Skewer can take down smaller targets.

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Halo Infinite Cindershot

The Cindershot is another pick that’s solid at dealing damage in a wider area. Grenades bounce off surfaces before splitting into smaller explosives, so it can be effective in certain spots, just don’t expect it to help in proper gunfights.

D Tier graphic

Pulse Carbine

Halo Infinite Pulse Carbine

The less said about the Pulse Carbine the better. This slow-firing rifle will often put you at a disadvantage in any gunfight, making it the only weapon in Halo Infinite that you should absolutely skip every time you see it.

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So there you have it, our full tier list ranking every single weapon in Halo Infinite. As seasons come and go, we’re sure to see plenty of balance updates that change things around. We could even see some new guns added to the mix down the line as well.

Rest assured, we’ll keep this list updated with all the latest as Halo Infinite’s first year unfolds in the coming months.