Viral Halo Infinite TikTok fills Needler with hotdogs and it’s too good

halo hotdog needler343 Industries / TikTok

A Halo TikTok has gone viral featuring two things you’d never put together – a Needler and hotdogs. The results are simply “Grilltacular.”

Halo Infinite has been drumming up a lot of hype leading up to the game’s December 8 launch, which brings a much-anticipated campaign to the storied franchise.

With esports orgs creating clothing lines and players from all over the world participating in the free-to-play multiplayer, just about everyone in the gaming world is excited about Halo right now.

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And, apparently, that includes TikTok hotdog enthusiasts who’ve found their own way to share in the coming excitement.

Halo Needler filled with hotdogs in viral TikTok

halo needler343 Industries
Halo’s Needer is a staple in the franchise, so why not fill it with hotdogs?

If you’re new to Halo and aren’t aware, one of the game’s most classic weapons is called the Needler.

This gun fires slender purple projectiles that hone in on opponents, making it tough to counter and a blast to wield.

These projectiles are unlike anything else in the game, bearing perhaps the slightest resemblance to hotdogs.

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At least that’s what one TikToker thought, creating an animation of the Needler shooting hotdogs on a grill that we will not soon forget.

This post originally comes from Reddit user ChrisDAnimation, who wrote the caption “I loaded my needler with hot dogs so that you don’t have to.”

The video features some amazing animations of the hotdogs flying neatly to the grill, followed by the quintessential Halo voiceover but with “Grill-” replacing “Kill-.”

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All in all, the video shows off just how perfectly the two really do fit together and would make for a nifty weapon skin in the criticized Halo Infinite battlepass if we’re being honest.

Hotdog Needler or not, it’s safe to say that the hunger for the full release of Halo Infinite is real as fans have been starving for a new game since the old days of Halo 5.

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