All Halo Infinite Easter eggs: Locations, references, and more

master chief easter eggs343 Industries

343 Studios have packed a lot of rather creative and funny Easter eggs into Halo Infinite. Here are some of our favorite

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer and campaign have been a great success, despite some early teething issues such as the controversial Battle Pass issues. The game has rekindled players’ love for the series. It’s also being compared favorably to rivals Call of Duty Vanguard and Battlefield 2042. What’s clear, is 343’s attention to detail when developing Halo Infinite, and players who look closely will also see the many Easter eggs that have been added to the game.

Easter eggs have been included in Halo games before, but Halo Infinite has more than ever. Some of these reference earlier entries in the Halo series, while others reference different franchises entirely. Perhaps those that inspired the team during development, or just included as fun things for players to find. Some Easter eggs just harmless jokes while others are more bizarre.

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Halo easter eggs343 Industries
Some Easter eggs reference events from Halo’s past.

Halo Infinite Easter eggs

Here’s a breakdown of the best Halo Infinite Easter eggs we’ve seen so far.

Master Chief mural

Master chief mural343 Industries
Master Chief can be seen above the Dugout building.

On the Streets map, look up at the upper-right side of the Dugout building, a mural of Master Chief can be seen. Of course, Chief is largely absent from the Halo Infinite multiplayer, but the fan-favorite Spartan will return in Halo Infinite’s campaign on December 8, 2021.

Oscar from Sesame Street

Oscar's bin in Halo Infinite343 Industries
Oscar isn’t home, but you can check out his abode.

While you’re at the Dugout building on the Streets map, head right and check out the bins in the alley. One of these is clearly labeled Oscar’s house. This is a reference to the trash can-dwelling puppet Oscar from Sesame Street.

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Is that a spider?

Is that a spide armor?343 Industries
This armor contains a reference to Halo web series.

An unlockable armor emblem called ‘Stuck’ has something poking out the back of its head on the icon. If you examine the gear in the menus, it’s labeled ‘Is that a spider?’. This is a reference to some classic dialogue from the Halo web series Red vs Blue, where two soldiers tried to identify the thing sticking out of one of their heads. They eventually just argue about the color pink.


Halo ODST graffiti343 Industries
This graffiti references Halo ODST.

When running down an alley in the Streets map in Halo Infinite, you may spot some graffiti that says ‘ODST We Remember’. This is a reference to the ODST team who also got their own Halo adventure.

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Halo ODST was a standalone expansion to Halo 3 that was released on the Xbox 360. It kept Halo fans occupied for a while before Halo 4 became a reality. The characters from ODST have gone on to be included in later Halo media too.


Evangelion image in Halo343 Industries
Evangelion reference in Halo Infinite.

The Old Town Bar in the Streets Map is full of Easter eggs, the first being a sticker on the wall that is clearly a reference to the anime series Evangelion. This series also used items called Halos.

The Sandwich Room

Halo sandwich343 Industries
This shaft area is where the abandoned sandwich can be found.

An elevator shaft in the Waterfall Base map has a random sandwich on the floor. The item is even called, ‘sandwich’ if the player tries to interact with it.

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Halo novels

Halo novels in Infinite343 Industries
The Halo novels appear in the bar.

A selection of Halo novels can be seen on the floor of the Old Town Bar, complete with their actual titles. This is interesting, as 343 Studios consider much of the extended Halo media to be removed from canon in the Halo games.

This leaves the fates of characters like the Didact and 343 Guilty Spark up in the air, as both have returned in the extended media. This Easter egg could just be a harmless nod to the books, or it could be a sign of things to come.

Halo arcade machine music

halo arcade machine343 Industries
This Halo arcade machine in the Old Town Bar features classic Halo tracks in 8-bit.

The Old Town Bar also features an arcade machine that plays classic Halo music but in 8-bit.

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Wort. Wort never changes

wort never changes343 Industries
Wort never changes is a reference to the Fallout games.

The Chibi Elite weapon emblem description reads, ‘Wort. Wort never changes’ – this is clearly a reference to the Fallout series which often uses the phrase, “War. War never changes.”

Doom cheat code

doom reference343 Industries
Doom cheat code reference in Halo Infinite.

If you stop and explore the Streets map café in more detail, you’ll see a sticky note displaying the words ADDQD. This is a reference to the original Doom cheat code IDDQD. Halo arguably owes a lot of its success to Doom, with both games having a huge influence on the first-person shooter genre.

Funny Grunt dialogue

We’d advise all Halo Infinite players to hold off on gunning down Grunts right away in the Halo Infinite campaign. Those that do may miss out on some genuinely hilarious dialogue. Grunts in the Halo series have always said some funny things, but the ones in Halo Infinite take this to a whole new level. This time, the Grunt Comms Officers even have their own podcast and provide some rib-tickling commentary on the events of Halo Zeta. Before attacking the towers, have a listen to what they say.

Some of this dialogue is laughing at humans, even Master Chief himself. While some of it is expressing frustration at being in servitude to the Banished. Either way, it’s often entertaining, and players should go out of their way to hear it for themselves in context. What’s even better, is the sheer amount of funny Grunt dialogue available, with new lines being discovered all the time. Chances are, we’ve still not heard them all.

Here’s close to an hour of funny Grunt tower dialogue from YouTuber Owl:

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Halo Infinite’s grunt dialogue. There’s so much more to find.

Craig’s greatest hits

Craig meme in Halo infinite343 Industries
Craig memes have arrived in Halo itself.

343 are leaning into the Craig memes themselves now in Halo Infinite. Craig was the Brute who became an internet sensation after fans reacted poorly to the original gameplay trailer. Halo Infinite is full of Craig memes, but the funniest is a record labeled ‘Craig’s Greatest Hits’, that can be seen lying around some multiplayer maps.

It looks like a successful recording career was the reason for Craig’s glow-up rather than his imminent battle with Master Chief.

Credit to YouTuber xGarbett for these Easter eggs and images.