Halo Infinite player recreates Kokiri Forest from Zelda in stunning Forge build

halo infinite zelda headerYouTube: Red Nomster / 343 Industries

One Halo Infinite player has recreated Kokiri Forest from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in stunning detail using Forge build mode.

While Halo Infinite has suffered numerous development setbacks following its launch in November 2021, fans have long been holding out hope for the game’s Forge mode.

Various players have entered Halo Infinite’s Forge beta mode for months now, with many fans creating content to show off the impressive creative freedom it allows.

Now, one of those players has recreated Kokiri Forest from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time completely in Forge and it’s stunning.

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Halo Infinite fan creates beautiful Zelda build in Forge

The build came from Content Creator Red Nomster on YouTube, where he broke down the process he went through to recreate the iconic starting village.

Red Nomster started out the video by saying that instead of simple exploration, he designed the map to be centered around puzzles and scripted mechanics, true to the Zelda series itself.

The first area of interest shown off was Link’s treehouse, which is where every Ocarina of Time player would start their journey.

However, before Red Nomster leaves the treehouse he revealed he was even able to add Navi, a fairy who acts as Link’s guide throughout the game, into the Forge map who follows the player around and offers hints.

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Next, the Forge creator took fans to the Kokiri Shop, which featured incredible custom models for Deku Nuts, Deku Sticks, Hearts, and the Deku Shield that look straight out of Ocarina of Time itself.

Alongside Link’s treehouse and the Kokiri Shop, the Forge creator also showed off the small dungeon that hides the “Kokiri Sword” which is a fittingly an Energy Sword.

The full video goes into much greater detail on an ever little bit of this custom Forge map, so those interested should definitely give it a watch.

All in all, it’s incredible to see the extent of how powerful Halo Infinite’s Forge mode really is in the right hands. With any luck, Forge will give Halo Infinite the shot in the arm it needs after lackluster roadmaps and online support.

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