The power of Halo Infinite Forge has leaked, and it’s beautiful

Eleni Thomas
Silent Hill Halo Infinite Forge Leak header image

New Halo Infinite Forge leak have shown off some impressive visuals and given players a taste at the creative freedom the mode will offer up. The leak reveals some amazing customization features that could be a complete game changer for the Halo Infinite experience.

Forge is a staple of the Halo franchise and one that Halo Infinite players have been eagerly anticipating since the release of the game in November, 2021. While devs 343 are still yet to confirm when the game mode will be dropping, leaks have been rampant.

A 30-second video of Infinite’s new Forge mode has now been posted on Twitter. The caption of the post describes the new game type as having, “huge potential to be amazing.” While Forge has always been a big part of Halo, Infinite’s version is shaping up to be the best one to date.

The clip does boast some downright stunning visuals, transforming multiplayer map Live Fire into a fully-fledged forest.

The change in the environment includes a surprising amount of detail. Insects and forest creatures can be seen and heard. A dewy and foggy visual texture effect has also been added to compliment the deep forest setting. Even more impressive though is that the audio output has also been altered to create an ambient atmosphere that once again fits with the setting.

It’s been leaks galore for Halo Infinite’s Forge

Halo Infinite Turret Leaks Still
Leaks suggest multiple types of turrets will be coming to Forge in Halo Infinite

Earlier this month, several other videos were released online highlighting Halo Infinite’s Forge mode. The videos outlined some of the ways players will be able to customize multiplayer maps in Forge. A gun combo system, object scaling, and much more were also shown off in this initial leak. Now, these new leaks reveal that players will be able to also completely alter the look and environment of maps.

Infinite’s launch has been off a very shaky start. In response to this, 343 has been hard at work trying to win back fans of the franchise. Co-op, Forge, and mission replay are still not fully integrated into the game. As a result, it is crucial that they don’t disappoint when they eventually do go live.

However, these Halo Infinite Forge leaks indicate some exciting new content coming soon. If Forge does offer up almost full creativity for fans, it is likely to be 343’s best shot at bringing players back into the game. It might also be a great way to maintain some longevity for Halo Infinite moving forward.