Halo Infinite players mindblown by controller’s “busted aim assist” advantage over KBM

Halo Infinite Controller Mouse and Keyboard Player Accuracy Reddit Aim Assist With Game Logo343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s aim assist debate continues to rage, with many now claiming the mechanic is “busted” after one fan outlined the gap in performance between high-level players on controller and those on mouse-and-keyboard.

The not-so-surprise early release of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer offering was met with near-universal praise — and, for many, outpaced competitors CoD Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 as the top FPS release of the 2021 holiday season.

Despite an exciting debut, the title hasn’t been without its issues. As players continue to slam developer 343 Industries over the game’s battle pass system and in-game cash shop, another issue has also reared its head: the never-ending aim assist debate.

With personalities like Dr Disrespect already calling out Infinite’s aim assist, the player base was shocked by the revelation that the top 100 controller players (per their stats recorded by Halo Tracker) far outpaced their counterparts on KBM when it comes to accuracy.

Dr Disrespect Halo Infinite Controller Broken Aim Assist RageYouTube / DrDisRespect
Halo Infinite’s aim assist has already led to at least one broken controller.

On November 27, Halo Infinite fan ‘u/Alfphie’ shared his research into the accuracy stats for the top 100 controller and top 100 mouse-and-keyboard players — and fans on Reddit were dumbfounded by the apparent gap in performance between the two groups.

“I went through Halo Tracker and gathered accuracy stats for [the] top 100 players in the KBM/Controller-only playlists,” Alfphie explained. “[The] differences in median accuracy [were] 16.4% between [the] top 100 KBM/Controller players,” they shared.

Then, Alphie revealed what many found to be the most shocking stats of all: “Interestingly, there was only a 3.1% difference between the top 100 KBM and 50th percentile Controller players. The highest accuracy KBM player was about level with a median Top 100 Controller player.”

For many fans, this was a clear indication that aim assist in Halo Infinite had been over-tuned. “This is actually a staggering difference,” one player replied, with others slamming the developer over this news: “What a joke.”

“This graph really gives some credence to my position of being staunchly opposed to being forced to play versus [players with] aim assist,” another fan commented. “It’s bad in the MCC and it’s bad in Infinite.”

“So, it’s not just me that sucks with aiming in this game with a KBM?” a third player remarked sarcastically.

It remains to be seen whether 343i will tweak Halo Infinite’s aim assist values moving forward, but for many players, these stats seem to be the turning point when it comes to the debate about shared input playlists — and the strongest reason yet to call for their separation.