xQc fans furious after he’s ruthlessly robbed at gunpoint in NoPixel GTA RP

xQc streaming with GTA screenshotTwitch: xQcOW / Rockstar Games

Never far from controversy in NoPixel GTA RP, xQc is embroiled in another mess. Except this time, it’s not his actions that are making the headlines, as he was robbed at gunpoint in a coordinated attack.

GTA RP has undoubtedly been the biggest Twitch trend of 2021. At the center of it all has been Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyell, who has been terrorizing the streets of Los Santos under the guise of his character, X.

However, he’s never been too far from controversy. He picked up his first ban from the server in February for repeatedly ramming people to death with his car, and was hit with a second ban two weeks later for using an exploit to smuggle a gun into jail.

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However, this time other RPers are in the firing line after xQc was ‘jumped’ by a muscle car driver live on his stream.

After stealing 6 mobile phones, X got back into his van, but it was quickly apparent all was not right as a white mustang started following him.

After initially escaping, xQc was eventually trapped and shot dead by the driver, who then raided his glovebox.

While his chat was furious, xQc remained calm, but was clearly disappointed. “It seems kind of sudden,” he said. “The extreme car ram and then the instant gunshot. Come on dude.”

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While there are no substantial grounds to suggest these players had been stream sniping, players have criticized the quality of their roleplay.

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“Nice “RP” by those weirdos,” one viewer said. “I’m convinced at this point they just did that for attention and to lure in xQc’s viewers, if they were even streaming.”

xQc comment

NoPixel is built around interactions between players, with outright unprovoked bloodbaths that aren’t consequences of previous interactions heavily frowned upon in the community.

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Fans have criticized other players, too, including one “stalker” who spontaneously shot xQc and another RPer without engaging in any form of verbal interaction.

With xQc having picked up his first ban for a similar infringement, fans have called for these players to face similar consequences.

After his second ban, xQc’s return has been welcomed by the community, with high-profile names including DrDisrespect praising the quality of xQc’s RP.

But given his high profile xQc will never be too far from controversy, even if it isn’t necessarily his fault.

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