xQc chased by ‘local’ in helicopter after theft attempt goes wrong in GTA RP

xQc streamTwitch: xQcOW/Rockstar Games

After punching an NPC in an attempted theft, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was chased halfway across the GTA RP NoPixel server map by the man in a helicopter. It didn’t take xQc long to realize that this local was going to stop at nothing to get his revenge.

As anyone who has watched it will know, there’s always something exciting going on in NoPixel’s roleplaying server. Whether it’s Sykunno randomly confronting people or Summit coming up with unique ways to evade the police, great content is never in short supplu.

However, if there’s one Twitch personality that always seems to be getting himself into trouble in NoPixel, it’s xQc. Having been banned, then unbanned on the server already, it’s fair to say he’s no stranger to an adventure on GTA RP.

His March 17 stream was no different when he attempted to steal a helicopter from a local and the man would stop at nothing to take his revenge on the streamer.

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GTA RP brings in massive viewership on Twitch.

xQc gets chased by frenzied local in GTA RP

During his March 17 stream, xQc and his partner decided they were going to attempt to steal a helicopter.

After arriving at the destination, they spotted a local getting into one in the distance and tried to reach the vehicle before him.

Unfortunately, the local managed to get inside the helicopter and began to take off. In frustration, the former Overwatch pro punched him, hoping that would cause him to land. However, it didn’t work and the NPC took off and began circling above them.

How it all started

After waiting for another helicopter to land and taking it for a spin, xQc and his partner completely forgot about the local they had assaulted. However, the NPC had certainly not forgotten and was willing to do anything to take his revenge.

It was only after xQc and his partner had got into their car and began to drive, that they realized they were being followed by the local in the helicopter. Not only was he following them, but he was also trying to run them off the road.

“Dude what is he doing? This is so weird, he’s still doing it, what the f**k, Woah!.”

“I don’t know why he’s following me”

The chase went on for around five minutes before the police get involved and attempted to take down the helicopter. Finally, the local landed the vehicle and ran over to xQc to return the blow he received earlier.

However, before he managed to get his own back, xQc landed an uppercut on him, sending him to the ground and bringing an end to the intense chase.

The police then discussed the situation, and everyone couldn’t believe that a local went through so much trouble to get his revenge.

He wanted revenge

In the end, the police didn’t even realize that originally it was xQc who was attempting to rob somebody.

Either way, the whole scenario made for some incredible stream content and is another reminder of why GTA RP is so fun to watch. Maybe next time, the Canadian will think twice about taking a punt on stealing from a stranger.