Where is GTA 6 set? Location revealed, Leonida map details, more

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GTA 6 is finally revealing itself after remaining elusive for years. But what’s the setting for this highly anticipated sequel? Let’s dive into what’s known about the fictional state of Leonida.

Ten years since GTA 5’s debut, its much-awaited sequel is approaching. Fully revealed on December 4, GTA 6 is now officially in the works, aiming for a release in 2025. Although its launch is in the distant future, we’ve gathered quite a bit of insight into the sequel.

From the platforms it’ll release on to early details on its protagonist, GTA 6’s grand unveiling gave us plenty to sift through. Not only that, a press release soon confirmed the location of the highly anticipated game as well.

So, exactly where is GTA 6 taking place? And what sights can you expect to see in the newest entry in Rockstar’s iconic series? Here’s what you need to know.

GTA 6 city
The cityscape is sure to dazzle in GTA 6.

Where is GTA 6 set?

GTA 6 officially takes place in the fictional state of Leonida. Evidently a play on Florida, this sprawling locale delivers everything from the “neon-soaked streets” of the beloved Vice City to more rural areas near the waterfront.

Seemingly taking place in the current generation, with plenty of modern innovations present in the trailer, Leonida looks to be a state rife with wannabe social media influencers, budding gangsters, hillbillies, and everything in between.

Leonida map details

Based on our first look at the game in action through its reveal trailer, it’s clear Leonida has plenty to keep players entertained for hours on end.

The obvious racing tracks, strip clubs, densely populated beaches, skyscrapers, and more all litter the state with plenty of stunning sights to see between them all. There are even some rooftop hangout spots.

We also spotted some street signs in the trailer, particularly a few leading to the Vice City Airport. While it’s unclear for now if any other states may be available to visit, we at least know that aircrafts will be in full force for some chaos in the skies.

Airport sign in GTA 6
We know for certain Leonida boasts at least one airport.

As this is only stemming from an initial glimpse, we’re sure to learn plenty more about GTA 6 and the state of Leonida in the coming months. Rest assured, we’ll update you here with any further details on the game’s map.

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