Who is Lucia in GTA 6? Everything we know about the new protagonist

Ethan Dean
GTA 6 Lucia

GTA 6 has been revealed and fans got their first look at the franchise’s first female protagonist, Lucia, in the first trailer. So, here’s everything we know about the character so far.

GTA 6 is more tangible than ever after Rockstar finally revealed the game’s trailer following some frustrating leaks. The seemingly obvious return to Vice City has been confirmed and it looks like we’ll be exploring it as two protagonists. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

The GTA 6 trailer did feature the previously leaked female protagonist Lucia quite heavily, as well as an unnamed male lead. The two look to be partners in crime but we’ll have to wait to hear more about the mysterious gentleman.

We can glean quite a bit of information about Lucia in GTA 6 thanks to her starring role in the reveal trailer. So, Who is Lucia in GTA 6? Here’s what we know.

What we know about Lucia in GTA 6

The first glimpse we see of Lucia is of her meeting with a parole officer in a prison uniform. While it’s unknown if this is part of her intro in GTA 6, or a vehicle for a story told in flashbacks, if she is an ex-convict in the story, she’s certainly not a reformed one.

She has a pretty relaxed attitude towards crime (as befits a GTA protagonist) and when asked why she ended up in prison, Lucia responds with a nonchalant “Bad luck I guess”. It makes sense given the antics she gets involved in later in the trailer.

She appears to be involved in a Bonnie and Clyde-style relationship with the game’s mysterious male lead and whatever moral framework she employs revolves around trust. The two are seen holding up convenience stores, stacking cash, and evading the law.

Lucia’s Latin-American heritage is another first for a GTA protagonist and places her right at home in the Miami-inspired Vice City. Perhaps most interesting, she is mentioned by name in the comments of the TikTok-looking social media overlaid throughout the trailer. Perhaps her exploits will make her famous?

GTA 6 reveal trailer and release date leak
Official GTA 6 artwork showing off Lucia and her unnamed partner.

As of yet, Rockstar has not revealed any more official info on Lucia and her role in GTA 6. We still don’t even know who the voice actor portraying her will be.

Rest assured, as more details come to light, we’ll be updating this piece with the pertinent information.