Sykkuno gets emotional after revealing he’s leaving the NoPixel GTA RP server

Lauren Bergin
Sykkuno leaves GTA RP

Twitch star Sykkuno has certainly left his mark on the NoPixel GTA RP server, but as his fellow streamers move on to Minecraft the streaming sensation has chosen to follow suit, even if it’s just for a little while. 

Of all the content creators who have stepped into the world of GTA RP, Sykkuno has become one of the most dominant personalities on the NoPixel server.

Alongside the likes of Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, he’s etched his name into Los Santos’ history books by completing the Rainbow Road bank heist challenge and getting away without a trace.

It seems, though, that his adventures in the city may be coming to a close. After hinting that he would be leaving GTA behind to either return to try out Minecraft, his parting words to his fellow roleplayers leave both his viewers and himself utterly heartbroken.

Sykkuno at his stream setup
Sykkuno has become a GTA icon, but his time on the server is at an end for now.

Although he does clarify that “I’m not going away forever, I’ll still be around,” the emotions that accompany breaking the news of leaving the city eventually overwhelm the streamer.

“You know, I’m glad I made it to this city guys,” he shakily tells Ray and Tony, before switching off his camera. The three then take a trip down memory lane by visiting the iconic ‘Leanbois’ cell. This prompts him to tell chat “I will be back guys, I will be back… probably.”

“It has been so fun guys, I’ve made a lot of friends,” he states, before joining his comrades for a final jail-time slushie. “Aw, guys I actually feel sad for some reason… I can’t believe it guys. Two years ago we were watching Avonn [Lirik], we were watching Tony [Anthonyz]…”

As both streamers tell Sykkuno that they’ll miss him, he leaves the prison and confesses “we’re coming back, I don’t know why it feels like this… Jesus why is the music so sad! It’s the music, it’s 100 percent the music.”

When he finally reappears at the end, it’s pretty clear from his red-rimmed eyes that he has been crying. Choosing to “serve the rest of his sentence off-stream and then set up for Minecraft,” he thanks his viewers profusely before heading off.

While this doesn’t seem to be the last we’ll see of the infamous criminal mastermind, Yuno, he’s definitely taking a break from the vice ridden streets of Los Santos and meandering into the green pastures of Minecraft.

Only time will tell if he chooses to take a little vacation back to the server, but it’s pretty clear that he’ll always be welcome in NoPixel.

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