GTA RP star Penta blasts NoPixel as he quits server

Dylan Horetski
Penta talking into the microphone

GTA RP Twitch streamer Penta has blasted NoPixel and its owner Koil on his way out, as he quit the server to join IgniteRP.

Over the last few years, Penta has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to his GTA RP streams, with over 11k hours streamed on the game so far.

The Twitch streamer has played a variety of characters inside of the NoPixel GTA RP server, but his time with the community has come to a close.

On May 1, 2023, Penta revealed he was leaving the server due to issues with server owner Koil and other members of the community.

Penta blasts NoPixel as he leaves for IgniteRP server

On April 30, NoPixel owner Koil was talking about Penta when he compared the Twitch streamer to “emotional girls on the internet,” in regards to potentially making a Twitter post about his issues with the server.

Just recently, the NoPixel community had several women come forward with accusations against banned streamer RatedEpicz, leading many to believe Koil was comparing Penta to them. After Rated was banned there was also a flurry of other accusations about members of the NoPixel server which raised questions about how the server is run.

A day later, Penta was live on his Twitch stream when he began blasting NoPixel admins and part of the community. After joining the IgniteRP server, he called Koil and Chang Gang out for “verbal abuse.”

“Hopefully this will inspire some people who are sick of the verbal abuse from Koil and Chang Gang to get the f**k off the server man,” he said. “Shoutout to all the women that came out about the abuse they were receiving on NoPixel, that’s really important too.

“I think there’s a lot of abuse that isn’t exactly sexual abuse that needs to be addressed as well. All kinds of abuse is bad.”

Penta also called out the NoPixel admins for enabling the abuse in another clip.

“To admins. I know that some of you guys are too far gone but I seriously hope that you wake up and realize what you’re enabling,” he said. “Because… you are.”

The Twitch streamer also took a second to call out Koil yet again, slamming him for gambling on CS:GO and “ranting” about Penta.

“F**k Koil, dog. That guy’s such a piece of sh*t dude. I’m gonna say it. I’m not gonna tiptoe around it anymore,” he said. “I don’t even know what his streams are anymore. It’s just him gambling on CS:GO and ranting about me.

“This guy’s whole f**king existence is pathetic.”

Koil has yet to respond to Penta’s comments, but we’ll be sure to update you if he does.