Sykkuno wants people to stop blaming Twitch streamers for their “toxic” chats

Sykkuno Twitch Chat StreamersTwitch: Sykkuno

Sykkuno wants people to stop holding Twitch streamers like Felix ‘xQc’ Lengytel accountable for their “toxic” chats, claiming the onus is on the “crazy people” who watch them, not the other way around.

Sykkuno is already one of the most universally loved streamers on Twitch, thanks to his laid-back personality. However, he’s not afraid to speak his mind about other streamers and stream-related issues. The difference is that he does it without stepping on anyone’s toes.

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In a recent stream, he dove into the issue of ‘toxic chats,’ which many people believe can be attributed to specific streamers like xQc.

But Sykkuno insists that Twitch streamers shouldn’t be blamed at all because their chats consist of “many different people,” some of which are “crazy.”

Sykkuno reveals name meaningTwitch: Sykkuno
Sykkuno is known for his nonchalant takes on various issues.

“There’s a lot of psychopaths out there,” he said. “I think the problem is… people think there’s like ‘one chat.’ They say, ‘this chat is terrible’ or ‘this chat is great.’ But the fact is, there’s no such thing as ‘this streamer’s chat.'”

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“A chat is so many different people. It’s really hard to say [any given] chat is the worst chat ever…

“There are crazy people on the internet, it doesn’t make sense to say it’s just chat… it’s more important to be like, ‘yeah, those crazy people are crazy’.”

After thanking some fans for their donations, Sykkuno continued his train of thought, saying, “I think it’s just easier to say something like that, but the fact is, guys, there’s crazy dudes out there on the internet.”

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“Let’s say there’s a crazy dude on the internet who decides to watch xQc. Does that mean xQc’s chat is crazy, or does it mean that there are crazy people who watch him?”

“And then you somehow say it’s his chat, or my chat, or whoever’s chat. I feel like it’s just crazy people who happen to watch people, not the other way around.”

In a world riddled with endless battles between streamers and their chats, especially when it comes to “chat hoppers” bothering GTA RP streamers, Sykkuno’s view makes a lot of sense, at least, in the eyes of his fans.

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The sentiment among them is that he’s on the ball with his zen-like takes on most issues, and this one isn’t any different.

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