Valkyrae begs CodeMiko to join NoPixel GTA RP server

Valkyrae CodeMikoTwitter: Valkyrae, Twitch: CodeMiko

In a recent interview with Twitch V-Tube star CodeMiko, 100 Thieves co-owner and YouTube star Rachaell ‘Valkyrae’ Hoffstetter has urged her to join the NoPixel GTA RP server.

As soon as CodeMiko announced that her latest interviewees would be Valkyrae and SushiDragon, both streamers’ fans went absolutely wild.

In Rae’s case, fans were excited to see their idol in her first interview since her sit down with 100 Thieves, where she discussed everything from her switch to YouTube, to the misogynistic hate that accompanied the announcement that she was co-owner of the esports org.

Of course, we got a very different style of interview from Miko, who opened up to Rae about being afraid of joining GTA RP. The queen of YouTube was having none of it, though.

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YouTube: 100 Thieves
During her official 100 Thieves interview, Rae opened up about her meteoric rise to fame.

CodeMiko admits she’s “scared” of GTA RP

After a bizarre segment that involved Miko spraying G-Fuel at her monitor to let Rae “have a sip,” the talk turns to GTA when Rae reveals that she’s currently playing on the NoPixel server.

“Wait, how are you not [on the server]?” she asks the V-Tube star , noting that: “I feel like you would do so well.”

Miko responded: “I am scared of going into GTA RP… So I’m relatively new to the streaming space right? So I’ve been around for a while but in terms of games with other streamers – very new.

“I’m afraid that if I go and do GTA RP it’ll be like high school all over again where I’m alone in the library doing my homework, and I try to make friends, and I look really stupid.”

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Rae responed with an uplifting message. “Listen, I feel you. I used to only play solo games too… But GTA’s different,” she added. “I feel like everyone is on there to make content and just role-play a different character and honestly, you’ll feel more welcome than you expect. Trust me.

“I was so afraid,” she continues. “I had people teaching me and my friends how to play and learn the ropes and stuff. It’s really easy to make friends on GTA. Trust me.”

She concludes by telling Miko that “I think you would do so well. The hardest part was learning how to play and how to role play.”

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Even when Miko asks if it’s okay if she’s “a little bit on the edgy side,” Rae reassures here that there are “edgy people for [her].”

Obviously, role play is something that Miko knows exactly how to do, and she does it with so much character. It’s clear Rae wants to see her get involved.

Maybe this interview will inspire the V-Tube icon to take GTA RP for a spin, but only time will tell if Miko decides to become the edgiest character that Los Santos has ever seen.