Summit1g gets warm welcome back to GTA RP in baseball bat attack

David Purcell
summit1g in gta rp with character and baseball bat

Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar’s Charles Johnson character has returned to GTA RP’s NoPixel server, but he didn’t get the warmest of welcomes on his first stream back. 

The former CSGO player is known to dabble with games other big Twitch streamers wouldn’t bother with on his channel, and most recently he’s been trying his hand at the virtual wheel, with iRacing.

However, after his fans – and other GTA RP characters for that matter – called for a Chawa comeback, it was only a matter of time before he booted up the server.

On November 28, they all got their wish.

After promising big changes for his return, the chat was well aware that this was going to be an unpredictable stream. Would he dive into races to continue what he’s been doing in iRacing? Would he steal from a bank, or plot a bigger heist with other roleplayers.

Rockstar Games
Summit1g’s Charles Johnson character has been no stranger to the police, in the past.

Summit1g’s return to GTA RP

He decided that being a hero was his role for the day. While standing next to their vehicle, his teammate was suddenly under attack from a random guy wielding a baseball bat.

The streamer moved closer to protect them, saying: “I got you. What’s up b**ch?” He attempted to throw a punch at the aggressor.

Seconds later, his offensive style didn’t go to plan, as he was tapped once and fell to the floor in hilarious fashion.

There was only one way to resolve the situation after that happened, and it wasn’t pretty.

As summit was down on the floor for around 300 seconds, his fellow streamer popped them with a gun and threw the leader of the 1G Squad into the back of the vehicle.

Moments later, during the timeout phase, summit walked off camera and things got even worse.

Car flip

His getaway vehicle was flipped by the driver, leaving his ‘dead’ body sitting in the back.

After he asked what happened, the player responded: “The moral of the story is that it’s your fault for not being here…”

If this isn’t the roughest way to return to GTA RP, we don’t know what is.

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